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Heat transfer from finned metal cylinders in an air stream

Description: This report presents the results of tests made to supply design information for the construction of metal fins for the cooling of heated cylindrical surfaces by an air stream. A method is given for determining fin dimensions for a maximum heat transfer with the expenditure of a given amount of material for a variety of conditions of air flow and metals.
Date: April 26, 1934
Creator: Biermann, Arnold E. & Pinkel, Benjamin

The drag of airplane wheels, wheel fairings, and landing gears 2: nonretractable and partly retractable landing gears

Description: This is the second report giving the results obtained in the NACA 20-foot wind tunnel on the drag due to landing gears. The present report gives the results of tests of nonretractable and partly retractable landing gears intended for heavier low-wing monoplanes of the transport and bomber type.
Date: June 21, 1934
Creator: Biermann, David & Herrnstein, William H., Jr.

Experimental investigation of the Robinson-type cup anemometer

Description: This report presents the results of wind tunnel tests on a Robinson-type anemometer. The investigation covered force measurements on individual cups, as well as static and dynamic torque measurements and calibrations on complete cup wheels. In the tests on individual cups 5 cup forms were used and in the measurements on complete cup wheels 4 cup wheels with 3 arm lengths for each cup wheel were tested. All the results are presented in graphical form.
Date: October 10, 1934
Creator: Brevoort, M. J. & Joyner, U. T.

The calculation of take-off run

Description: From Summary: "A comparatively simple method of calculating length of take-off run is developed from the assumption of a linear variation in net accelerating force with air speed and it is shown that the error involved is negligible. Detailed instructions are given for application of the formula and for the calculation of all factors involved."
Date: January 1934
Creator: Diehl, Walter S.

Relative loading on biplane wings of unequal chords

Description: It is shown that the lift distribution for a biplane with unequal chords may be calculated by the method developed in NACA Technical report no. 458 if corrections are made for the inequality in chord lengths. The method is applied to four cases in which the upper chord was greater than the lower and good agreement is obtained between observed and calculated lift coefficients.
Date: May 18, 1934
Creator: Diehl, Walter S.

Computation of the two-dimensional flow in a laminar boundary layer

Description: A comparison is made of the boundary-layer flow computed by the approximate method developed by K. Pohlhausen with the exact solutions which have been published for several special cases. A modification of Pohlhausen's method has been developed which extends the range of application at the expense of some decrease in the accuracy of the approximations.
Date: May 1934
Creator: Dryden, Hugh L.

Negative thrust and torque characteristics of an adjustable-pitch metal propeller

Description: This report presents the results of a series of negative thrust and torque measurements made with a 4 foot diameter model of a conventional aluminum-alloy propeller. The tests were made in the 20-foot propeller-research tunnel of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics. The results show that the negative thrust is considerably affected by the shape and size of the body behind the propeller, that the maximum negative thrust increases with decrease in blade-angle setting, and that the drag of a locked propeller may be greatly reduced by feathering it into the wind. Several examples of possible applications of the data are given.
Date: January 1, 1934
Creator: Hartman, Edwin P.

The drag of airplane wheels, wheel fairings, and landing gears - 3

Description: The tests reported in this report conclude the investigation of landing-gear drag that has been carried out in the NACA 20-foot wind tunnel. They supplement earlier tests (reported in Technical Report No. 485) made with full-scale dummy wheels, wheel fairings, and landing gears intended for airplanes of 3,000 pounds gross weight and include tests of tail wheels and tail skids.
Date: November 21, 1934
Creator: Herrnstein, William H., Jr. & Biermann, David

Wing characteristics as affected by protuberances of short span

Description: The drag and interference caused by short-span protuberances from the surface of an airfoil have been investigated in the NACA variable-density wind tunnel at a Reynolds number of approximately 3,100,000, based on the chord length of the airfoil. The effects of variations of protuberance span length, span position, and shape were measured by determining how the wing characteristics were affected by the addition of the various protuberances.
Date: January 1, 1934
Creator: Jacobs, Eastman N. & Sherman, Albert

Working charts for the determination of the lift distribution between biplane wings

Description: In this report are presented empirical working charts from which the distribution of lift between wings, that is the fraction of the total lift borne by each, can be determined in the positive lift range for any ordinary biplane cellule whose individual wings have the same profile. The variables taken directly into account include airfoil section, stagger, gap/chord ratio, decalage, chord ratio, and overhang. It is shown that the influence of unequal sweepback and unequal dihedral in upper and lower wings may be properly provided for by utilizing the concepts of average stagger and average gap/chord ratio, respectively. The effect of other variables is discussed, but they have not been included in the charts either because their influence was obviously small or because insufficient data existed to make possible a complete determination of their influence. All available pertinent biplane data were analyzed in establishing the charts, and in some cases theoretical relationships were utilized to establish qualitative tendencies.
Date: January 1, 1934
Creator: Kuhn, Paul

A comparison of fuel sprays from several types of injection nozzles

Description: This report presents the tests results of a series of tests made of the sprays from 14 fuel injection nozzles of 9 different types, the sprays being injected into air at atmospheric density and at 6 and 14 times atmospheric density. High-speed spark photographs of the sprays from each nozzle at each air density were taken at the rate of 2,000 per second, and from them were obtained the dimensions of the sprays and the rates of spray-tip penetration. The sprays were also injected against plasticine targets placed at different distances from the nozzles, and the impressions made in the plasticine were used as an indication of the distribution of the fuel within the spray. Cross-sectional sketches of the different types of sprays are given showing the relative sizes of the spray cores and envelopes. The characteristics of the sprays are compared and discussed with respect to their application to various types of engines.
Date: December 4, 1934
Creator: Lee, Dana W.

Strength tests of thin-walled duralumin cylinders in compression

Description: This report is the second of a series presenting the results of strength tests of thin-walled duralumin cylinders and truncated cones of circular and elliptic section. It contains the results obtained from compression tests on 45 thin-walled duralumin cylinders of circular section with ends clamped to rigid bulkheads. In addition to the tests on duralumin cylinders, there are included the results of numerous tests on rubber, celluloid, steel, and brass cylinders obtained from various sources.
Date: January 1, 1934
Creator: Lundquist, Eugene E.

General equations for the stress analysis of rings

Description: In this report it is shown that the shear, axial force, and moment at one point in a simple ring subjected to any loading condition can be given by three independent equations involving certain integrals that must be evaluated regardless of the method of analysis used. It is also shown how symmetry of the ring alone or of the ring and the loading about 1 or 2 axes makes it possible to simplify the three equations and greatly reduces the number of integrals that must be evaluated. Application of the general equations presented in this report to practical problems in the stress analysis of rings makes it possible to shorten, simplify, and systematize the calculations for both simple and braced rings. Three illustrative problems are included to demonstrate the application of the general equations to a simple ring with different loadings.
Date: August 10, 1934
Creator: Lundquist, Eugene E. & Burke, Walter F.

Tests of nacelle-propeller combinations in various positions with reference to wings 4: thick wing - various radial-engine cowlings - tandem propellers

Description: This report is the fourth of a series giving the results obtained from wind tunnel tests to determine the interference lift and drag and propulsive efficiency of wing-nacelle-propeller combinations. Previous reports give the results of tests with tractor propellers with various forms of nacelles and engine cowlings. This report gives the results of tests of tandem arrangements of engines and propellers in 11 positions with reference to a thick wing.
Date: January 17, 1934
Creator: McHugh, James G.

Improved apparatus for the measurement of fluctuations of air speed in turbulent flow

Description: This report describes recent improvements in the design of the equipment associated with the hot-wire anemometer for the measurement of fluctuating air speeds in turbulent air flow, and presents the results of some experimental investigations dealing with the response of the hot wire to speed fluctuations of various frequencies. Attempts at measuring the frequency of the fluctuations encountered in the Bureau of Standards' 54-inch wind tunnel are also reported. In addition, the difficulties encountered in the use of such apparatus and the precautions found helpful in avoiding them are discussed.
Date: 1934
Creator: Mock, W. C., Jr. & Dryden, H. L.

The influence of tip shape on the wing load distribution as determined by flight tests

Description: "Pressure measurements were made in flight on the right upper wing of an M-3 airplane. The effects of tip plan form, washout, and transverse camber were investigated with eight tip forms in unyawed conditions through the range of positive lift coefficients from zero lift to the stall. The conclusion is that the tip plan form does not influence the span distribution of the coefficients of normal force and moment. It is shown inferentially that temperature, humidity, and the aging of the wood and fabric wing structure used on the M-3 airplane have an appreciable influence on the load distribution" (p. 479).
Date: June 9, 1934
Creator: Rhode, Richard V.

Penetration and duration of fuel sprays from a pump injection system

Description: High-speed motion pictures were taken of individual fuel sprays from a pump injection system. The changes in the spray-tip penetration with changes in the pump speed, injection-valve opening and closing pressures, discharge-orifice area, injection-tube length and diameter, and pump throttle setting were measured. The pump was used with and without a check valve. The results show that the penetration of the spray tip can be controlled by the dimensions of the injection tube, the area of the discharge orifice, and the injection-valve opening and closing pressures.
Date: January 1, 1934
Creator: Rothrock, A. M. & Marsh, E. T.

Cooling characteristics of a 2-row radial engine

Description: This report presents the results of cooling tests conducted on a calibrated GR-1535 Pratt and Whitney Wasp, Jr. Engine installed in a Vought X04U-2 airplane. The tests were made in the NACA full-scale tunnel at air speeds from 70 to 120 miles per hour, at engine speeds from 1,500 to 2,600 r.p.m., and at manifold pressures from 19 to 33 inches of mercury absolute. A Smith controllable propeller was used to facilitate obtaining the different combinations of engine speed, power, and manifold pressure.
Date: December 4, 1934
Creator: Schey, Oscar W. & Rollin, Vern G.

The effect of baffles on the temperature distribution and heat-transfer coefficients of finned cylinders

Description: This report presents the results of an investigation to determine the effect of baffles on the temperature distribution and the heat-transfer coefficient of finned cylinders. The tests were conducted in a 30-inch wind tunnel on electrically heated cylinders with fins of 0.25 and 0.31 inch pitch. The results of these tests showed that the use of integral baffles gave a reduction of 31.9 percent in the rear wall temperatures and an increase of 54.2 percent in the heat transfer coefficient as compared with a cylinder without baffles.
Date: September 26, 1934
Creator: Schey, Oscar W. & Rollin, Vern G.

Air flow in a separating laminar boundary layer

Description: Report discussing the speed distribution in a laminar boundary layer on the surface of an elliptic cylinder, of major and minor axes 11.78 and 3.98 inches, respectively, has been determined by means of a hot-wire anemometer. The direction of the impinging air stream was parallel to the major axis. Special attention was given to the region of separation and to the exact location of the point of separation. An approximate method, developed by K. Pohlhausen for computing the speed distribution, the thickness of the layer, and the point of separation, is described in detail; and speed-distribution curves calculated by this method are presented for comparison with experiment.
Date: December 1, 1934
Creator: Schubauer, G. B.

The aerodynamic effects of wing cut-outs

Description: From Introduction: "The information now available concerning wing cut-outs or applicable to the analysis of their effects is plentiful (references 1 to 7) but too disconnected and unorganized to be of the greatest possible usefulness. In connection with the interference program being conducted in the N.A.C.A. varible-density wind tunnel, an analysis was therefore made of existing material to determine the qualitative effects of the different features of wing cut-outs, and to obtain means of calculating wing characteristics as affected by them."
Date: 1934
Creator: Sherman, Albert

Aircraft power-plant instruments

Description: From Summary: "The report includes a description of the commonly used types and some others, the underlying principle utilized in the design, and some design data. The inherent errors of the instrument, the methods of making laboratory tests, descriptions of the test apparatus, and data in considerable detail in the performance of commonly used instruments are presented. Standard instruments and, in cases where it appears to be of interest, those used as secondary standards are described."
Date: January 1, 1934
Creator: Sontag, Harcourt & Brombacher, W. G.