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Damping in pitch and roll of triangular wings at supersonic speeds

Description: A method is derived for calculating the damping coefficients in pitch and roll for a series of triangular wings and a restricted series of sweptback wings at supersonic speeds. The elementary "supersonic source" solution of the linearized equation of motion is used to find the potential function of a line of doublets, and the flows are obtained by surface distributions of these doublet lines. The damping derivatives for triangular wings are found to be a function of the ratio of the tangent of the apex angle to the tangent of the Mach angle. As this ratio becomes equal to and greater than 1.0 for triangular wings, the damping derivatives, in pitch and in roll, become constant. The damping derivative in roll becomes equal to one-half the value calculated for an infinite rectangular wing, and the damping derivative in pitch for pitching about the apex becomes equal to 3.375 times that of an infinite rectangular wing.
Date: December 12, 1947
Creator: Brown, Clinton E. & Adams, Mac C.

Speed and deceleration trials of U.S.S. Los Angeles

Description: From Summary: "The trials reported in this report were instigated by the Bureau of Aeronautics of the Navy Department for the purpose of determining accurately the speed and resistance of the U. S. S. "Los Angeles" with and without water recovery apparatus, and to clear up the apparent discrepancies between the speed attained in service and in the original trials in Germany. The trials proved very conclusively that the water recovery apparatus increases the resistance about 20 per cent, which is serious, and shows the importance of developing a type of recovery having less resistance. Between the American and the German speed trials without water recovery there remains an unexplained discrepancy of nearly 6 per cent in speed at a given rate of engine revolutions."
Date: June 12, 1928
Creator: De France, S. J. & Burgess, C. P.

On the flow of a compressible fluid by the hodograph method 1: unification and extension of present-day results

Description: From Summary: "Elementary basic solutions of the equations of motion of a compressible fluid in the hodograph variables are developed and used to provide a basis for comparison, in the form of velocity correction formulas, of corresponding compressible and incompressible flows. The known approximate results of Chaplygin, Von Karman and Tsien, Temple and Yarwood, and Prandtl and Glauert are unified by means of the analysis of the present paper. Two new types of approximations, obtained from the basic solutions, are introduced; they possess certain desirable features of the other approximations and appear preferable as a basis for extrapolation into the range of high stream Mach numbers and large disturbances to the main stream."
Date: January 12, 1944
Creator: Garrick, I. E. & Kaplan, Carl

A numerical method for the stress analysis of stiffened-shell structures under nonuniform temperature distributions

Description: A numerical method is presented for the stress analysis of stiffened-shell structures of arbitrary cross section under nonuniform temperature distributions. The method is based on a previously published procedure that is extended to include temperature effects and multicell construction. The application of the method to practical problems is discussed and an illustrative analysis is presented of a two-cell box beam under the combined action of vertical loads and a nonuniform temperature distribution.
Date: September 12, 1950
Creator: Heldenfels, Richard R.

A study of the two-control operation of an airplane

Description: The two-control operation of a conventional airplane is treated by means of the theory of disturbed motions. The consequences of this method of control are studied with regard to the stability of the airplane in its unconstrained components of motion and the movements set up during turn maneuvers.
Date: August 12, 1936
Creator: Jones, Robert T.

A graphical method of determining pressure distribution in two-dimensional flow

Description: By a generalization of the Joukowski method, a procedure is developed for effecting localized modifications of airfoil shapes and for determining graphically the resultant changes in the pressure distribution. The application of the procedure to the determination of the pressure distribution over airfoils of original design is demonstrated. Formulas for the lift, the moment, and the aerodynamic center are also given.
Date: November 12, 1940
Creator: Jones, Robert T. & Cohen, Doris

Effect of hinge-moment parameters on elevator stick forces in rapid maneuvers

Description: "The importance of the stick force per unit normal acceleration as a criterion of longitudinal stability and the critical dependence of this gradient on elevator hinge-moment parameters have been shown in previous reports. The present report continues the investigation with special reference to transient effects for maneuvers of short duration" (p. 449).
Date: October 12, 1944
Creator: Jones, Robert T. & Greenberg, Harry

Effect on longitudinal stability and control characteristics of a Boeing B-29 airplane of variations in stick-force and control-rate characteristics obtained through use of a booster in the elevator-control system

Description: A longitudinal stability and control characteristics of a Boeing B-29 airplane have been measured with a booster incorporated in the elevator-control system. Tests were made to determine the effects on the handling qualities of the test airplane of variations in the pilot's control-force gradients as well as the effects of variations in the maximum rate of control motion supplied by the booster. The results of the control-rate investigation indicate that large airplanes may have satisfactory handling qualities with the booster adjusted to give much lower rates of control motion than those normally used by pilots.
Date: April 12, 1950
Creator: Mathews, Charles W.; Talmage, Donald B. & Whitten, James B.

Analysis and calculation by integral methods of laminar compressible boundary-layer with heat transfer and with and without pressure gradient

Description: From Introduction: "The purpose of the present report is to present a comprehensive summary of theoretical investigations of comprehensible laminar boundary layers which have been carried out since 1949 at the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn under the sponsorship and with the financial assistance of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics. The results of these investigations are contained primarily in references 1 to 7."
Date: April 12, 1955
Creator: Morduchow, Morris

Appreciation and Prediction of Flying Qualities

Description: "The material given in this report summarizes some of the results of recent research that will aid the designers of an airplane in selecting or modifying a configuration to provide satisfactory stability and control characteristics. The requirements of the NACA for satisfactory flying qualities, which specify the important stability and control characteristics of an airplane from the pilot's standpoint, are used as the main topics of the report. A discussion is given of the reasons for the requirements, of the factors involved in obtaining satisfactory flying qualities, and of the methods used in predicting the stability and control characteristics of an airplane" (p. 1).
Date: April 12, 1948
Creator: Phillips, William H.

Wind-tunnel investigation of wings with ordinary ailerons and full-span external-airfoil flaps

Description: Report presents an investigation carried out in the NACA 7- by 10-foot wind tunnel of an NACA 23012 airfoil equipped, first, with a full-span NACA 23012 external-airfoil flap having a chord 0.20 of the main airfoil chord and with a full-span aileron with a chord 0.12 of the main airfoil chord on the trailing edge of the main airfoil and equipped second, with a 0.30-chord full-span NACA 23012 external-airfoil flap and a 0.13-chord full-span aileron. The results are arranged in three groups, the first two of which deal with the airfoil characteristics of the two airfoil-flap combinations and with the internal-control characteristics of the airfoil-flap-aileron combinations. The third group of tests deals with several means for balancing ailerons mounted on a special large-chord NACA 23012 external-airfoil flap. The tests included an ordinary aileron, a curtained-nose balance, a frise balance, and a tab.
Date: March 12, 1937
Creator: Platt, Robert C. & Shortal, Joseph A.

A comparison of theory and experiment for high-speed free-molecule flow

Description: A comparison is made of free-molecule-flow theory with the results of wind-tunnel tests performed to determine the drag and temperature-rise characteristics of a transverse circular cylinder. The measured values of the cylinder center-point temperature confirmed the salient point of the heat-transfer analysis which was the prediction that an insulated cylinder would attain a temperature higher than the stagnation temperature of the stream. Good agreement was obtained between the theoretical and the experimental values for the drag coefficient.
Date: September 12, 1950
Creator: Stalder, Jackson R.; Goodwin, Glen & Creager, Marcus O.

Full-scale wind-tunnel tests of a PCA-2 autogiro rotor

Description: This report presents the results of force tests on and air-flow surveys near PCA-2 autogiro rotor in the NACA full-scale wind tunnel. The force tests were made at three pitch settings and several rotor speeds; the effect of fairing protuberances on the rotor blade was determined. Induced downwash and yaw angles were determined at low tip-speed ratios in a plane 1 1/2 feet above the path of the blade tips. The results show that the maximum l/d of the rotor cannot be appreciably increased by increasing the blade pitch angle above about 4.5 degrees at the blade tip; that the protuberances on the blades cause more than 5 percent of the total rotor drag; and that the rotor center-of-pressure travel is very small.
Date: October 12, 1934
Creator: Wheatley, John B. & Hood, Manley J.

Tests of nacelle-propeller combinations in various positions with reference to wings 2: thick wing - various radial-engine cowlings - tractor propeller

Description: This report is the second of a series giving the results obtained in the 20-foot wind tunnel of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics on the interference drag and propulsive efficiency of nacelle-propeller-wing combinations. The first report gave the results of the test of a N.A.C.A. cowled air-cooled engine nacelle located in 21 positions with reference to a thick wing. The present report gives results of tests of a normal engine nacelle with several types of cowling and fairings in four of the positions with reference to the same wing. (author).
Date: May 12, 1932
Creator: Wood, Donald H.