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Primary view of Cooling tests of a single-row radial engine with several NACA cowlings
Brevoort, M. J.; Stickle, George W. & Ellerbrock, Herman H., Jr.
August 20, 1936
Primary view of Pressure element of constant logarithmic stiffness for temperature compensated altimeter
Brombacher, W. G. & Cordero, F.
August 7, 1928
Primary view of The Normal Component of the Induced Velocity in the Vicinity of a Lifting Rotor and Some Examples of Its Application
Castles, Walter, Jr. & De Leeuw, Jacob Henri
August 11, 1952
Primary view of Relation of Turbojet and Ramjet Combustion Efficiency to Second-Order Reaction Kinetics and Fundamental Flame Speed
Childs, J. Howard; Reynolds, Thaine W. & Graves, Charles C.
August 5, 1957
Primary view of Theory of self-excited mechanical oscillations of helicopter rotors with hinged blades
Coleman, Robert P. & Feingold, Arnold M.
August 24, 1956
Primary view of Further experiments on the flow and heat transfer in a heated turbulent air jet
Corrsin, Stanley & Uberoi, Mahinder S.
August 18, 1947
Primary view of Spectra and diffusion in a round turbulent jet
Corrsin, Stanley & Uberoi, Mahinder S.
August 17, 1949
Primary view of Flight tests on U.S.S. Los Angeles Part 1: full scale pressure distribution investigation
De France, S. J.
August 14, 1928
Primary view of Boron and zirconium from crucible refractories in a complex heat-resistant alloy
Decker, R. F.; Rowe, John P. & Freeman, J. W.
August 5, 1958
Primary view of An Interim Report on the Stability and Control of Tailless Airplanes
Donlan, Charles J.
August 19, 1944
Primary view of Effect of turbulence in wind-tunnel measurements
Dryden, H. L. & Kuethe, A. M.
August 20, 1929
Primary view of Effect of initial mixture temperature on flame speed of methane-air, propane-air, and ethylene-air mixtures
Dugger, Gordon L.
August 20, 1951
Primary view of A unified two-dimensional approach to the calculation of three-dimensional hypersonic flows, with application to bodies of revolution
Eggers, A. J., Jr. & Savin, Raymond C.
August 15, 1952
Primary view of Relation of Hydrogen and Methane to Carbon Monoxide in Exhaust Gases From Internal-Combustion Engines
Gerrish, Harold C. & Tessmann, Arthur M.
August 17, 1933
Primary view of Investigation of Fretting by Microscopic Observation
Godfrey, Douglas
August 31, 1949
Primary view of Stresses in a two-bay noncircular cylinder under transverse loads
Griffith, George E.
August 1, 1951
Primary view of Wind-tunnel investigation of effect of interference on lateral-stability characteristics of four NACA 23012 wings, an elliptical and a circular fuselage and vertical fins
House, Rufus O. & Wallace, Arthur R.
August 8, 1940
Primary view of A study of the two-control operation of an airplane
Jones, Robert T.
August 12, 1936
Primary view of An analysis of the stability of an airplane with free controls
Jones, Robert T. & Cohen, Doris
August 15, 1940
Primary view of Longitudinal Stability and Control With Special Reference to Slipstream Effects
Katzoff, S.
August 24, 1939
Primary view of An apparatus for varying effective dihedral in flight with application to a study of tolerable dihedral on a conventional fighter airplane
Kauffman, William M.; Liddell, Charles J., Jr.; Smith, Allan & Van Dyke, Rudolph D., Jr.
August 24, 1949
Primary view of Comparison of wind-tunnel and flight measurements of stability and control characteristics of a Douglas A-26 airplane
Kayten, Gerald G. & Koven, William
August 11, 1945
Primary view of Rolling Moments Due to Rolling and Yaw for Four Wing Models in Rotation
Knight, Montgomery & Wenzinger, Carl J.
August 19, 1930
Primary view of A note on secondary flow in rotating radial channels
Kramer, James J. & Stanitz, John D.
August 31, 1953