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Primary view of Airship model tests in the variable density wind tunnel
Abbott, Ira H
January 27, 1931
Primary view of The drag of two streamline bodies as affected by protuberances and appendages
Abbott, Ira H
January 1, 1934
Primary view of Tests in the variable-density wind tunnel of the NACA 23012 airfoil with plain and split flaps
Abbott, Ira H & Greenberg, Harry
January 1, 1939
Primary view of Summary of Airfoil Data
Abbott, Ira H; Von Doenhoff, Albert E & Stivers, Louis, Jr
January 1, 1945
Primary view of Theoretical damping in roll and rolling moment due to differential wing incidence for slender cruciform wings and wing-body combinations
Adams, Gaynor J. & Dugan, Duane W.
Primary view of Investigation of downwash, sidewash, and Mach number distribution behind a rectangular wing at a Mach number of 2.41
Adamson, David & Boatright, William B
January 1, 1957
Primary view of Standard nomenclature for airspeeds with tables and charts for use in calculation of airspeed
Aiken, William S , Jr
January 1, 1946
Primary view of The pack method for compressive tests of thin specimens of materials used in thin-wall structures
Aitchison, C S & Tuckerman, L B
January 1, 1939
Primary view of Theoretical and experimental investigation of the subsonic-flow fields beneath swept and unswept wings with tables or vortex-induced velocities
Alford, William J , Jr
January 1, 1957
Primary view of Determination of vortex paths by series expansion technique with application to cruciform wings
Alksne, Alberta Y
January 1, 1957
Primary view of Calculation of the chordwise load distribution over airfoil sections with plain, split, or serially hinged trailing-edge flaps
Allen, H Julian
January 1, 1938
Primary view of General theory of airfoil sections having arbitrary shape or pressure distribution
Allen, H Julian
January 1, 1945
Primary view of A study of the motion and aerodynamic heating of ballistic missiles entering the earth's atmosphere at high supersonic speeds
Allen, H Julian & Eggers, A J , Jr
January 1, 1958
Primary view of A method for calculating heat transfer in the laminar flow region of bodies
Allen, H Julian & Look, Bonne C
January 1, 1943
Primary view of A study of effects of viscosity on flow over slender inclined bodies of revolution
Allen, H Julian & Perkins, Edward W
January 1, 1951
Primary view of Wall interference in a two-dimensional-flow wind tunnel, with consideration of the effect of compressibility
Allen, H Julian & Vincenti, Walter G
January 1, 1944
Primary view of Glues used in airplane parts
Allen, S. W. & Truax, T. R.
Primary view of Method for studying helicopter longitudinal maneuver stability
Amer, Kenneth B
January 1, 1954
Primary view of Charts for estimating tail-rotor contribution to helicopter directional stability and control in low-speed flight
Amer, Kenneth B & Gessow, Alfred
January 1, 1955
Primary view of Studies of the lateral-directional flying qualities of a tandem helicopter in forward flight
Amer, Kenneth B & Tapscott, Robert J
January 1, 1954
Primary view of Aerodynamic coefficients and transformation tables
Ames, Joseph S
Primary view of A resume of the advances in theoretical aeronautics made by Max M. Munk
Ames, Joseph S
January 1, 1926
Primary view of Determination of control-surface characteristics from NACA plain-flap and tab data
Ames, Milton B & Sears, Richard I
January 1, 1941
Primary view of Determination of the characteristics of tapered wings
Anderson, Raymond F
January 1, 1937