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Accelerations Measured at Center of Gravity and Along Span of the Wing of a B-24D Airplane in Landing Impacts

Description: Report presenting measurements of a Consolidated B-24D airplane of accelerations at various points on the wing during landing impacts. landings were made with the wheels initially stationary but free to rotate, with the brakes set before contact, and with the main wheels rotating prior to contact.
Date: August 1944
Creator: Westfall, John R.
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Aerodynamic Characteristics and Flap Loads of the Brake-Flap Installation on the 0.40-Scale Model of the F4F-3 Left Wing Panel

Description: "The data are presented in coefficient form and include lift, drag, and pitching-moment coefficients of the airfoil-flap comoinations and the normal-force, chord-force, and hinge-moment coefficients of the upper (perforated split) flap and lower (slotted) flap" (p. 1).
Date: October 1942
Creator: Purser, Paul E. & Liddell, Robert B.
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Aerodynamic Characteristics for Internal-Balance and Frise Type Ailerons on an NACA 6 Series Low-Drag Tip Section of the Wing for the XP-63 Airplane

Description: Report presenting testing in the two-dimensional turbulence tunnel of a model of the tip section of the wing of the XP-63 airplane. Several alterations of the skirts and balance on the internal-balance aileron were tested to obtain various aerodynamic characteristics of the aileron.
Date: October 1942
Creator: Underwood, William J.
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Aerodynamic Characteristics of a 1/8-Scale Powered Model of a High-Speed Bomber With a Dual Pusher Propeller Aft of the Empennage

Description: Report presenting wind-tunnel tests made to determine the aerodynamic characteristics of a scale model of a high-speed bomber with a dual pusher propeller aft of the empennage. Some of the results discussed include longitudinal, lateral, and directional stability and control, the empennage design, and ground effects on the aerodynamic characteristics. The results indicate that this particular airplane has several advantages with regard to stability and control over the conventional-type single-… more
Date: October 12, 1945
Creator: Weiberg, James A. & Schnurbusch, Alfred W.
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Aerodynamic Characteristics of Four Republic Airfoil Sections from Tests in Langley Two-Dimensional Low-Turbulence Tunnels

Description: "Four airfoils sections, designed by the Republic Aviation Corporation for the root and tip sections of the XF-12 airplane, were tested in the Langley two-dimensional low-turbulence tunnels to obtain their aerodynamic characteristics. Lift characteristics were obtained at Reynolds numbers of 3,000,000, 6,000,000, 9,000,000, and 14,000,000, whereas drag characteristics were obtained at Reynolds numbers of 3,000,000, 6,000,000, and 9,000,000. Pressure distributions were obtained for one of the ro… more
Date: September 27, 1945
Creator: Klein, Milton M.
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Aerodynamic Characteristics of Several Modifications of a 0.45-Scale Model of the Vertical Tail of the Curtiss XP-62 Airplane

Description: "In the course of an investigation to find a satisfactory vertical tail for the XP-62 airplane, a 0.45-scale vertical tail model on a stub fuselage was tested in the Langley 7- by 10-foot tunnel. This model was fitted with a flat plate to represent the horizontal tail surface. The data are presented herein for their general interest value rather than their application to this particular airplane" (p. 1).
Date: July 1946
Creator: Lowry, John G.; Turner, Thomas R. & Liddell, Robert B.
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Aerodynamic Data for a Wing Section of the Republic XF-12 Airplane Equipped With a Double Slotted Flap

Description: Report presenting an investigation in the two-dimensional low-turbulence tunnels for the purpose of developing an optimum flap configuration for maximum lift on an airfoil section for the Republic XF-12 airplane equipped with a double slotted flap. Lift and flap loads were obtained at several flap deflections for two flap paths. Results regarding lift, drag, and flap loads are provided.
Date: January 1946
Creator: Cahill, Jones F.
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Aerodynamic Tests of an A-M-65-AZON 1000-Pound Radio-Controlled Bomb in the LMAL 16-Foot High-Speed Tunnel

Description: Report presenting tests made in the LMAL 16-foot high-speed tunnel to determine the aerodynamic characteristics of a 1000-pound AN-M-65-AZON radio-controlled bomb at a Mach number range of 0.2 to 0.6. Over the Mach number range, the hinge-moment coefficients, yawing-moment coefficients, and lateral-force coefficients exhibited no important changes with increasing speed.
Date: June 1944
Creator: Pearson, E. O., Jr.
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Aerodynamic Tests of an NACA 66(215)-116, a=0.6 Airfoil With a 0.25c Slotted Flap for the Fleetwings XA-39 Airplane

Description: Report presenting testing in the two-dimensional low-turbulence tunnels on a 24-inch-chord model of the NACA 66(215)-116 a = 0.6 airfoil with a 0.25-chord slotted flap. The optimum flap pivot positions were found for three different conditions. The conditions were determined from a consideration of the landing, take-off, and strafing requirements of the airplane.
Date: November 1944
Creator: Cahill, Jones F.
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Aerodynamics of the carburetor air scoop and the engine cowling of a single-engine torpedo-bomber-type airplane

Description: From Introduction: "An investigation of the power-plant installation of a single-engine torpedo-bomber-type airplane has been conducted in the NACA Cleveland altitude wind tunnel at the request of the Bureau of Aeronautics, Navy Department. A similar investigation was previously conducted on a three-tenths scale mock-up of the forward portion of the fuselage of this airplane in the Langley 20-foot tunnel. (See reference 1)."
Date: June 1946
Creator: Palter, Herman
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Air-Flow and Performance Characteristics of Engine-Stage Supercharger of a Double-Row Radial Aircraft Engine 2: Effect of Design Variables

Description: Report presenting an investigation to determine the effect of the location of the diffuser vanes with respect to the supercharger outlets and the effect of flow conditions at the impeller inlet on the air-flow distribution in the outlets of the engine-stage supercharger of an 18-cylinder double-row radial aircraft engine. The effect of flow conditions at the impeller inlet was investigated by distorting the flow at the inlet and noting the effect in the supercharger outlets. Results regarding t… more
Date: August 1946
Creator: Baas, Edmund J. & Dugan, Paul D.
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Airfoil Section Data From Tests of 10 Practical-Construction Sections of Helicopter Rotor Blades Submitted by the Sikorsky Aircraft Division, United Aircraft Corporation

Description: Report presenting 10 practical-construction models of sections of helicopter rotor blades tested in the NACA two-dimensional low-turbulence pressure tunnel at atmospheric pressure. Lift, drag, and pitching-moment characteristics of blades representing the present method of construction of the YR-4A helicopter were determined.
Date: September 1944
Creator: Tetervin, Neal
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Altitude-wind-tunnel tests of power-plant installation in jet-propelled fighter

Description: From Introduction: "The research program included clean-up tests (unpublished data) and stability and control tests (reference 1) made in the NACA Langley full-scale tunnel. An investigation of the aerodynamic characteristics of the power-plant installation in the Cleveland altitude wind tunnel is discussed in this report."
Date: February 1946
Creator: Preston, G. Merritt; Black, Fred O., Jr. & Jagger, James M.
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Analysis and Correlation of Data Obtained by Six Laboratories on Fuel-Vapor Loss From Fuel Tanks During Simulated Flight

Description: Report presenting an analysis of data on fuel-vapor loss from fuel tanks during simulated flight obtained by six laboratories to show the effects of individual variables such as altitude, initial fuel temperature, rate of climb, booster-pump agitation, fuel depth, fuel-surface area, types of fuel, and vent-line pressure drop on fuel-vapor loss.
Date: December 1944
Creator: Stone, Charles S.; Baker, Sol & Englert, Gerald W.
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Analysis of V-G Records from the SNB-1 Airplane

Description: Availability data obtained on SNB-1 trainer-class airplanes were analyzed and results presented as flight envelopes which predict occurrences of large values of air speed and acceleration. Comparison is made with SNJ-4 trainer-class airplane data analyzed by the same method. It is concluded that flight envelopes are satisfactory; that the two types show large differences in flight loads and speeds experience; and that SNB-1 will seldom, if ever, exceed design limit load factor and restricted sp… more
Date: July 1946
Creator: Walker, Walter G. & Meadows, May T.
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Analysis of V-G Records From the SNJ-4 Airplane

Description: Report discusses an attempt to adapt a method of analysis of V-G data to predict the occurrences of large values of airspeed and acceleration from an SNJ-4 airplane; the data are presented as "flight envelopes". The flight envelopes "predict that, on average, in a stated number of flight hours, one airspeed, one positive acceleration, and one negative acceleration will exceed the envelope with equal probability of the accelerations being experienced at any airspeed" (from Discussion). The analy… more
Date: December 1945
Creator: Wilkerson, M. & Bennett, S. A.
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