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The Effect of Spinner-Body Gap on the Pressures Available for Cooling in the NACA E-Type Cowling

Description: "Tests of a 1/3-scale model of an NACA E-type cowling were made in the 8-foot high-speed tunnel for the purpose of determining the effect of the gap between the skirt of the hollow spinner and the cowling proper on the pressures available for cooling. It was found that even a large gap (0.096 in. on the model) had no appreciable effect on the available cooling pressures" (p. 1).
Date: March 1943
Creator: Becker, John V. & Mattson, Axel T.

A preliminary study of the effect of compressive load on the fairness of a low-drag wing specimen with Z-section stiffeners

Description: "A low-drag airfoil specimen was loaded in compression, and surveys of the fairness of the surface were made at different stresses as well as at zero load after successively higher stresses had been applied and removed. The tests reported and the discussion of the significance of the results obtained suggest a procedure for determining the probable outcome of a particular type of construction for a low-drag wing" (p. 1).
Date: January 1943
Creator: Jacobs, Eastman N.; Lundquist, Eugene E.; Davidson, Milton & Houbolt, John C.