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The Effect of Spinner-Body Gap on the Pressures Available for Cooling in the NACA E-Type Cowling

Description: "Tests of a 1/3-scale model of an NACA E-type cowling were made in the 8-foot high-speed tunnel for the purpose of determining the effect of the gap between the skirt of the hollow spinner and the cowling proper on the pressures available for cooling. It was found that even a large gap (0.096 in. on the model) had no appreciable effect on the available cooling pressures" (p. 1).
Date: March 1943
Creator: Becker, John V. & Mattson, Axel T.

Notes on the Effects of Trailing-Edge Shapes of Low-Drag Airfoils on Profile Drag and the Trim and Balance of Control Surfaces

Description: Report presenting measurements of drag, lift, and aileron hinge moments on a 100-inch-chord model with various modifications to the trailing edge of the 0.20c Frise type aileron. The purpose of the data is to show qualitatively the effects of comparatively small modifications to the trailing edge of an aileron.
Date: March 1942
Creator: Underwood, W. J.