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Aerodynamic and Hydrodynamic Tests of a Family of Models of Flying-Boat Hulls Derived From a Streamline Body: NACA Model 84 Series

Description: Report presenting a series of related flying-boat hull forms with various combinations of aerodynamic and hydrodynamic requirements that were tested in an NACA tank and high-speed tunnel. Effects explored included varying the height of the bow, varying the height of the stern, increasing the angle of dead rise at the bow, decreasing the angle of dead rise on the afterbody, increasing the depth of step, increasing the angle of afterbody keel, adding chine flare, adding a third planing surface, a… more
Date: September 1943
Creator: Parkinson, John B.; Olson, Roland E.; Draley, Eugene C. & Luoma, Arvo A.
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Aerodynamic Factors Affecting the Ability of a Pilot to Return an Airplane to Level From a Banked Attitude by Use of the Rudder Alone and Without Change of Heading

Description: Report presenting a study of the aerodynamic factors upon which the ability to perform the maneuver depends in an attempt to obtain a better understanding of the conditions involved and, if possible, to evolve criterions that may be used during design.
Date: October 1941
Creator: Harmon, S. M.
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Air-consumption parameters for automatic mixture control of aircraft engines

Description: From Introduction: "The purpose of this analysis was to investigate the use of function of intake-manifold temperature and pressure, exhaust back pressure, and engine speed in place of a ventri as a means of measuring engine air consumption and to determine if this function is suitable for automatic mixture control."
Date: September 1944
Creator: Shames, Sidney J.
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Airfoil-Contour Modifications Based on (Epsilon)-Curve Method of Calculating Pressure Distribution

Description: From Introduction: "Certain alternations of a qualitative nature may be performed in spite of the fact that a pressure change cannot be prescribed. It is the purpose of this paper to indicate a method by which qualitative alternation may be performed. It will be noted that the present method of contour modification will serve the intended purpose of the inverse method."
Date: July 1944
Creator: Theodorsen, Theodore
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Airspeed Fluctuations as a Measure of Atmospheric Turbulence

Description: "Increments in structural loads due to atmospheric turbulence can be accurately expressed in terms of flight speed and effective gust velocities (reference 4). Data from which the effective gust velocities could be computed were also obtained during the flights of the XC-35 airplane. These data have been used to determine the significance of the fluctuations in the pilot's indicated-airspeed readings in relation to structural loads to due to atmospheric turbulence" (p. 3).
Date: July 1945
Creator: Tolefson, H. B.
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Altitude Rating of Electrical Apparatus

Description: "This paper studies the effect of altitude on the ratings of rotating electric machines and after determining the fundamental principles involved, discusses these in relation to the application of such machines in modern aircraft" (p. 1).
Date: January 1943
Creator: Lebenbaum, Paul, Jr.
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Aluminum-Zinc-Magnesium-Copper Casting Alloys

Description: From Introduction: "This paper contains data on the mechanical properties of sand-cast test bars having a considerable range in zinc, magnesium, and copper content and more detailed data on the properties and foundry characteristics of an aluminum-zinc-magnesium-copper alloy having a preferred composition for high strength and ductility."
Date: July 1941
Creator: Kempf, L. W.
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Analysis of a thermal ice-prevention system for wing leading-edge landing-light installations

Description: From Introduction: "A typical ice formation on a wing leading-edge-type light installation is shown in figure 1. Although the primary purpose of this analytic investigation was to determine the practicability of providing a landing-light thermal ice-prevention system which could be incorporated with the wing leading-edge thermal ice-prevention system of the B-17 F airplane, the analysis has been developed in a general form for future application to similar deigns. "
Date: January 1944
Creator: Hillendahl, Wesley H.
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Analysis of Effect of Rolling Pull-Outs on Wing and Aileron Loads of a Fighter Airplane

Description: An analysis was made to determine the effect of rolling pull-out maneuvers on the wing and aileron loads of a typical fighter airplane, the P-47B. The results obtained indicate that higher loads are imposed upon wings and ailerons because of the rolling pull-out maneuver, than would be obtained by application of the loading requirements to which the airplane was designed. An increase of 102 lb or 15 percent of wing weight would be required if the wing were designed for rolling pull-out maneuver… more
Date: March 1946
Creator: Pearson, Henry A. & Aiken, William S., Jr.
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Analysis of factors affecting net lift increment attainable with trailing-edge split flaps on tailless airplanes

Description: From Introduction: "The lift increments of different flap arrangements were determined by the method of reference 1 with a simple chord correction factor being applied. This procedure is somewhat similar in basic principles to the method of reference 2. The accuracy of the present method was determined by calculating by means of this method the lift and moment increments of flaps on 10 different finite wing-flap combinations for which wind-tunnel data were available."
Date: September 1944
Creator: Maggin, Bernard
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The Analysis of Strains Indicated by Multiple-Strand Resistance-Type Wire Strain Gages Used as Rosettes

Description: "Methods are given for making the necessary corrections to the strains indicated by multiple-strand resistance-type wire strain gages used singly or as rosettes to measure strains at an angle to the principal strain. The results of tests to determine the validity of the methods of correction are reported" (p. 1).
Date: January 1943
Creator: Dow, Norris F.
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An analysis of the skipping characteristics of some full-size flying boats

Description: From Introduction: "The purpose of this report is to gather together in one place information on the skipping characteristics of number of flying boats. A graph showing the influence of the hull form on the skipping characteristics is given which should be useful in laying out the proportions of the hull in preliminary design to insure good landing behavior."
Date: January 1946
Creator: Locke, F. W. S., Jr.
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Analysis of Wind-Tunnel Stability and Control Tests in Terms of Flying Qualities in Full-Scale Airplanes

Description: From Summary: "The analysis of results of wind-tunnel stability and control tests of powered airplane models in terms of the flying qualities of full-scale airplanes is advocated. In order to indicate the topics upon which comments are considered desirable in the report of a wind-tunnel stability and control investigation and to demonstrate the nature of the suggested analysis, the present NACA flying-qualities requirements are discussed in relation to wind-tunnel tests. General procedures for … more
Date: October 1943
Creator: Kayten, Gerald G.
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An analytical study of wing and tail loads associated with an elevator deflection

Description: From Introduction: "The present paper covers step 1 of the outlined investigation, includes methods of computing the variation of wing and tail loads, and gives numerical results of the application of the theory to the BT-9B airplane. Finally, theoretical formulas are developed and charts are given for computing the maximum increments of wing load, the down-tail load, and the up-tail load following a given elevator displacement."
Date: June 1941
Creator: Pearson, H. A. & Garvin, J. B.
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Application of Spring Tabs to Elevator Controls

Description: Report presenting equations for calculating the stick-force characteristics obtained with a spring-tab type of elevator control. The main problems encountered in the design of the satisfactory elevator spring tab are to provide stick forces in the desired range, to maintain the force per g sufficiently constant throughout the speed range, to avoid undesirable "feel" of the control in ground handling, and to prevent flutter.
Date: October 1944
Creator: Phillips, William H.
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Artificial Running-in of Piston Rings

Description: Report presenting a consideration of the performance of sliding surfaces, such as piston rings, cylinders, journals, and bearings in aircraft engines with reference to the surface characteristics that they possess before and after running-in, prior to service operation. The phenomena accompanying the running-in process are analyzed.
Date: March 1944
Creator: Bobrowsky, A. R. & Machlin, E. S.
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