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Addition of Heat to a Compressible Fluid in Motion

Description: From Introduction: "The purpose of this report is to summarize, without extended proofs, the results of a study of a simplified model of nonadiabiatic, compressible fluid flow, both subsonic and supersonic, and to state these results in a form that will make them immediately useful in providing a theoretical background for current technical problems of high-speed combustion.
Date: February 1945
Creator: Hicks, Bruce L.
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An Additional Investigation of the High-Speed Lateral-Control Characteristics of Spoilers

Description: Report presenting an investigation of the characteristics of partial-span spoilers located at 0.75 of the chord on an NACA 66-series tapered wing, especially at high speeds. The effect of small spoiler projections was found to increase with an increase in speed until the critical Mach number was exceeded.
Date: June 1945
Creator: Laitone, Edmund V. & Summers, James L.
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Aerodynamic Characteristics of a 4-Engine Monoplane Showing Comparison of Air-Cooled and Liquid-Cooled Engine Installations

Description: From Introduction: "An investigation has been conducted in the N.A.C.A. full-scale wind tunnel to determine the aerodynamic characteristics of a 1/4-scale model of a 4-engine monoplane when equipped with comparable air-cooled engine and liquid-cooled engine installations. The air-cooled engine installation consisted of nacelles equipped with N..A.C.A. cowlings and oil coolers located in the leading edge of the wing."
Date: July 1939
Creator: Silverstein, Abe & Wilson, Herbert A., Jr.
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Aerodynamic Characteristics of a 4-Engine Monoplane Showing Effects of Enclosing the Engines in the Wing and Comparisons of Tractor- and Pusher-Propeller Arrangements

Description: Report presenting testing in the full-scale wind tunnel on a model of a large 4-engine monoplane to determine the overall aerodynamic efficiency of a conventional wing-nacelle-engine installation as compared with power-plant installations enclosed in the wing with extension shafts to the propellers. Results regarding power-on and power-off performance for the installations as well as propeller noise are provided.
Date: April 1938
Creator: Silverstein, Abe & Wilson, Herbert A., Jr.
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Aerodynamic Characteristics of a Slot-Lip Aileron and Slotted Flap for Dive Brakes

Description: From Introduction: "As a part of this investigation, a study is being made of test results obtained during the development of devices designed primarily for other purposes, such as high lift or lateral control, but which may also be used for dive control. These results have been reanalyzed and are herein presented in a form that should make them convenient for design purposes."
Date: April 1941
Creator: Rogallo, F. M.
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An Analysis of Jet-Propulsion Systems Making Direct Use of the Working Substance of a Thermodynamic Cycle

Description: From Summary: "The results of the analysis showed that the combined efficiency, which is unacceptably low at speeds less than 300 miles per hour, becomes nearly equal to that of conventional power plants of current design at 500 miles per hour. It was also shown that the efficiency will be increased considerably as the physical limitations on cycle temperature and blower speed are raised and as the efficiencies of the system components are improved."
Date: February 1945
Creator: Rubert, Kennedy F.
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An Analytical Investigation of the Effects of Elevator-Fabric Distortion on the Longitudinal Stability and Control of an Airplane

Description: From Summary: "The results of an analytical investigation to determine the qualitative effects of elevator-fabric distortion on the stick-force characteristics of an airplane are presented. These results indicate that serious alteration of intended stick-force characteristics can be produced by elevator-fabric distortion."
Date: May 1944
Creator: Mathews, Charles W.
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Approximate Formulas for the Computation of Turbulent Boundary-Layer Momentum Thicknesses in Compressible Flows

Description: Report presenting approximate formulas for the computation of the momentum thickness of turbulent boundary layers on two-dimensional bodies, on bodies of revolution at zero angle of attack, and on the inner surfaces of round channels all in compressible flow given in the form of integrals that can be conveniently computed. Results for skin-friction formulas, laminar boundary layers, and full thickness of boundary layer are provided.
Date: March 1946
Creator: Tetervin, Neal
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Bibliography and Review of Information Relating to the Hydrodynamics of Seaplanes

Description: Report presenting a bibliography and review of information related to the hydrodynamics of seaplanes. Characteristics of conventional hulls and floats are discussed to show the effects upon performance of changes in design parameters like dead rise, depth of step, and angle of afterbody keel. Other topics include floats, lateral stabilizers, aerodynamic and propulsive considerations, unconventional configurations, hydrofoils, and piloting and handling.
Date: September 1945
Creator: Benson, James M. & Bidwell, Jerold M.
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Blade Design Data for Axial-Flow Fans and Compressors

Description: Report presenting an investigation to obtain blade design data for high-efficiency axial-flow fans and compressors, which were carried out in a two-dimensional low-speed cascade tunnel. The effects of camber, solidity, and stagger on blade turning angle and the shape of pressure distributions were determined for a family of five low-drag airfoils.
Date: July 1945
Creator: Bogdonoff, Seymour M. & Bogdonoff, Harriet E.
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Boundary-Layer Transition on the N.A.C.A. 0012 and 23012 Airfoils in the 8-Foot High-Speed Wind Tunnel

Description: Report presenting determinations of boundary-layer transition on the NACA 0012 and 23012 airfoils in the high-speed wind tunnel over a range of Reynolds numbers. For all of the lift coefficients that testing occurred at, transition occurred in the region of estimated laminar separation at low Reynolds numbers and approached the point of minimum static pressure as a forward limit at high Reynolds numbers.
Date: January 1940
Creator: Becker, John V.
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A Brief Study of the Speed Reduction of Overtaking Airplanes by Means of Air Brakes

Description: "As an aid to airplane designers interested in providing pursuit airplanes with decelerating devices intended to increase the firing time when overtaking another airplane, formulas are given relating the pertinent distances and speeds in horizontal flight to the drag increase required. Charts are given for a representative parasite-drag coefficient from which the drag increase, the time gained, and the closing distance may be found. The charts are made up for three values of the ratio of the fi… more
Date: May 1942
Creator: Pearson, H. A. & Anderson, R. F.
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Calculated and measured turning performance of a Navy F2A-3 airplane as affected by the use of flaps

Description: Report presenting results of flight tests to determine the turning performance of a Navy F2A-3 airplane over a range of speeds for three flap deflections at two altitudes. The results are correlated with an analytical study of turning performance in which the effect of thrust on maximum lift coefficient was considered.
Date: September 1943
Creator: Clousing, Lawrence A.; Gadeberg, Burnett L. & Kauffman, William M.
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Calibrations of pitot-static tubes at high speeds

Description: Report presenting the calibrations of three types of service pitot-static tubes over an approximate range of speeds of 150 to 600 miles per hour. The calibrations indicated a need for a pitot-static tube with greater accuracy, especially at higher speeds. Results regarding the service tubes, Prandtl tube, Eigh-speed tube, and a comparison of the tubes are provided.
Date: July 1942
Creator: Hensley, Reece V.
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Cascade investigation of buckets for a modern aircraft turbosupercharger

Description: Report presenting a cascade investigation in two-dimensional flow in the 5-inch cascade tunnel and the 1-inch turbine-element testing apparatus to obtain a satisfactory bucket design for use in a modern aircraft turbosupercharger. Results regarding the root sections, pitch sections, and tip sections are provided.
Date: November 1944
Creator: Kantrowitz, Arthur & Erwin, John R.
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Characteristics of Naca 4400R Series Rectangular and Tapered Airfoils, Including the Effect of Split Flaps

Description: "At the request of the Bureau of Aeronautics, Navy Department, tests were made in the variable-density wind tunnel of a tapered wing of 3-10-18 plan form and based on the NACA 4400R series sections. The wing was also tested with 0.2 chord split flaps, deflected 60 degrees, in the center of the wing and having flat span to wing span ratios of 0.3, 0.5, 0.7, and 1.0, respectively" (p. 1).
Date: January 1941
Creator: Greenberg, Harry
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Charts for Determining Propeller Efficiency

Description: Report presenting a description of a short method of estimating propeller efficiency for a given operating condition. The efficiency is determined for any design condition by evaluating separately from charts the induced losses and the profile-drag losses. The report covers single-rotating propellers of two, three, four, six, and eight blades and includes charts showing the rotational-energy loss for the given operating condition.
Date: September 1944
Creator: Crigler, John L. & Talkin, Herbert W.
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Charts for estimation of the characteristics of a helicopter rotor in forward flight I: profile drag-lift ratio for untwisted rectangular blades

Description: Report presenting charts showing the rotor profile drag-lift ratio for a helicopter rotor operating in forward flight and having hinged rectangular untwisted blades. The charts are given for a range of power input covering glides, level flight, and moderate rates of climb. A drag curve was used for preparing the charts, and the curve is compared with experimental curves for typical airfoils.
Date: August 1944
Creator: Bailey, F. J., Jr.
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Charts for Helicopter-Performance Estimation

Description: Report presenting charts relating helicopter aerodynamic design variables to performance in steady powered flight. The flight conditions covered are hovering, climb, and horizontal flight. The use of the charts is illustrated by numerical examples in order that computations can be made for particular problems.
Date: August 1945
Creator: Talkin, Herbert W.
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