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PM-1 Nuclear Power Plant Program: 5th Quarterly Progress Report, March 1, 1960-May 31, 1960

Description: From abstract: Reactor development work includes: initiation of the flexible zero-power test (PMZ-1) experimental program, fabrication and delivery of a PM-1 type fuel element, continuation of reactor flow and heat transfer tests, development work on rare earth control rods, and testing and redesign of the prototype magnetic jack-type control rod actuator.
Date: July 5, 1960
Creator: Martin Company. Nuclear Division.

PM-1 Nuclear Power Plant Program: Final Progress Report, September 1, 1962 Through Completion

Description: From abstract: The principal efforts during the final period were concerned with plant testing, modifications to the plant to enable it to produce full design load at high ambient temperatures, the compilation and evaluation of plant performance data, preparation of documents and transfer of the plant to the AEC and final resolution of all outstanding contract scope items.
Date: July 15, 1963

PM-3A Nuclear Power Plant Program

Description: From summary: Progress report on the production of detailed piping and equipment installation drawings for the PM-3A nuclear power plant program. Attention has been paid to the procurement of those valves and specialty items associated with the piping system.
Date: July 21, 1961
Creator: Martin Company. Nuclear Division.