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Development of Iron-Aluminum Base Alloys for Gas Cooled Reactor Components: Second Quarterly Progress Report, June 1958

Description: From summary: Description of a program undertaken to develop an iron-aluminum base alloy for service approaching 1600 degrees Fahrenheit. The program includes development of an alloy, development of techniques for fabricating fuel elements, reprocessing investigations and irradiation testing of iron-aluminum base alloys.
Date: June 1958
Creator: Mueller, J.

Final Safety Analysis Report: SNAP III Thermoelectric Generator

Description: From summary: An analysis has been performed to determine the ability of the fuel container to withstand the various thermal, mechanical and chemical forces imposed upon the generator by vehicle failures. Where theoretical analysis was impossible, and where experimental evidence was desired, capsules and generators were tested under simulated missile-failure conditions. Thus, the safety limits of SNAP III in a satellite application were defined.
Date: June 1960
Creator: Hagis, W. & Dix, George P.

Reactor Flow Studies : Full Scale Model Flow Tests

Description: From foreword: This report contains the test results and analysis of test results of flow studies and reactor vessel internals. Tests were performed at, below, and above the PM-1 design flow rate to observe flow distribution and pressure drops within the reactor vessel, as well as the overall reactor vessel pressure drop.
Date: June 1961
Creator: Taylor, W. J.; Starr, I. & Baer, R. L.

Snap 7B: Stronium-90 Fueled Thermoelectric Generator Power Source, Thirty- Watt U.S. Coast Guard Automatic Light Station. Final Report

Description: The objectives of the SNAP 7B program were to design, manufacture, test and deliver a thirty-watt electric generating system for a U. S. Coast Guard Automatic Light Station. This report describes the sixty-watt, strontium-90 thermoelectric generator, the converter, the batteries, and the installation of the generator into the container. The electrical tests of the generator and of the system, the shock and vibration tests, and the tests at the environmental temperature extremes are discussed.
Date: June 1963

SNAP Programs Quarterly Progress Report, Task 8--Stontium-90 Fuled Thermoelectric Generator Development: Number 1, November 1, 1960-January 31, 1961

Description: From summary: The SNAP 7 program is being conducted for the purpose of developing four radioisotope-fueled thermo-electric power generation systems. An important phase of this program is the processing of Strontium-90 into heat sources for these systems. The current effort involves the design and engineering analysis of two of the four thermo-electric generators.
Date: June 1961