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Control of lice and sheep ticks on sheep and goats.

Description: Describes the damage that lice and ticks can cause to sheep and goat wool. Provides instructions for preparing insecticide dips, sprays, and dusts.
Date: June 1951
Creator: United States. Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine. Division of Insects Affecting Man and Animals.
Item Type: Book

Border irrigation.

Description: Provides instructions for implementing a border irrigation system for watering crops.
Date: May 1951
Creator: Core, Edwin J.
Item Type: Book

Expansible farmhouses.

Description: Leaflet showing a floor plan, an illustration, and examples of drawings to be used in constructing an expansible farmhouse. Complete plans were distributed through agricultural extension services.
Date: April 1951
Creator: United States. Bureau of Plant Industry, Soils, and Agricultural Engineering.
Item Type: Book

The redheaded pine sawfly.

Description: Describes the characteristics of red-headed pine sawflies, the damage they cause to varieties of pine trees, and methods of control.
Date: February 1951
Creator: Schaffner, J. V. (John Valentine), b. 1888.
Item Type: Book

Prevent tanbark deterioration.

Description: Presents methods for obtaining, curing, and marketing tanbark for use in leather tanning. Discusses ways to prevent loss of tannin from deterioration of the bark.
Date: August 1950
Creator: Fowler, Marvin E. (Marvin Edward), 1904-
Item Type: Book

Preventing black rot losses in sweetpotatoes.

Description: Describes how black rot can damage sweet potato crops, and the steps farmers can take to prevent and treat crops affected by it.
Date: June 1950
Creator: Cooley, J. S. (Jacquelin Smith), 1883- & Haskell, R. J. (Royal Joyslin), 1890-
Item Type: Book

Recipes for evaporated apple rings.

Description: Provides recipes using evaporated apple rings as the main ingredient. (Evaporated apples contain more moisture than traditional dried apples.)
Date: April 1950
Creator: Kirkpatrick, Mary E. & Murray, Hazel B.
Item Type: Book

Fur farming possibilities.

Description: Describes a variety of animals used for fur farming.
Date: January 1950
Creator: Kellogg, Charles E. (Charles Edward), 1890-
Item Type: Book

Dust storms come from the poorer lands.

Description: Describes the different classifications of land and the effect soil erosion has on the quality of land and its future for crop production. Contains the results of an extensive study.
Date: September 1949
Creator: Finnell, H. H. (Henry Howard), b. 1894.
Item Type: Book

How to build a farm pond.

Description: Describes the steps necessary to build a pond on farmland, including surveying land, testing the soil, building a spillway, and maintaining the pond.
Date: September 1949
Creator: Atkinson, Walter S., 1905-
Item Type: Book

Dresses designed for little girls.

Description: Provides suggestions for the design, construction, and evaluation of dresses made for girls aged 2 to 6. Includes advice about design features, fabric selection, and quality of workmanship.
Date: August 1949
Creator: Scott, Clarice L. (Clarice Louisba), b. 1899
Item Type: Book

Using tall fescue in soil conservation.

Description: Describes the characteristics of tall fescue and how it can contribute to soil conservation.
Date: August 1949
Creator: Bailey, R. Y. (Richmond Young), b. 1893. & Scott, Clarice L. (Clarice Louisba), b. 1899.
Item Type: Book

Drying seed cotton.

Description: Describes various methods of cotton-drying and the effectiveness of each.
Date: January 1949
Creator: Gerdes, Francis L. (Francis Leo), 1907-; Bennett, Charles A. (Charles Abel), b. 1889. & Martin, William J. (William Jules), 1910-
Item Type: Book

Potatoes in popular ways.

Description: Describes the nutritional benefits of potatoes and provides recipes for a variety of ways to prepare them for different sorts of meals.
Date: February 1944
Creator: United States. Bureau of Human Nutrition and Home Economics.
Item Type: Book

Blackout of poultry houses and dairy barns.

Description: Provides detailed instructions for the farmer who wishes to continue his regular routine in the event of a War Department issued blackout notice. Discusses the importance of readiness and the use of existing materials due to war related shortages.
Date: January 1943
Creator: Kelley, M. A. R. (Manley Alexander Raymond), 1888-1943.
Item Type: Book