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Red-squill powder in rat control.

Description: Describes the red squill plant that is used in powder form for rat control.
Date: January 1931
Creator: Silver, James, b. 1890. & Munch, J. C. (James Clyde)
Item Type: Book

Eggs at any meal.

Description: Discusses the nutritional value and versatility of the egg; provides recipes and suggests ways to use eggs in a variety dishes and sauces.
Date: April 1931
Creator: Alexander, Lucy M. (Lucy Maclay), 1888- & Yeatman, Fanny Walker, b. 1876.
Item Type: Book

English sparrow control.

Description: Describes the damage caused by English sparrows and different methods of controlling them.
Date: April 1931
Creator: Kalmbach, E. R. (Edwin Richard), 1884-
Item Type: Book

Boning lamb cuts.

Description: Describes the process of deboning lamb meat.
Date: June 1931
Creator: Warner, K. F.
Item Type: Book

Bracing farm buildings.

Description: Describes steps for creating a brace system for farm buildings in order to prevent distortion and collapse.
Date: July 1931
Creator: Trayer, George W. (George William), 1888-1976. & Betts, M. C. (Morris Cotgrave), 1875-1936.
Item Type: Book

Pulp-wood crops in the Northeast.

Description: Describes the process of cutting pulpwood for paper-making in the northeastern United States; summarizes results and conclusions about crop management, derived from intensive studies of pulpwood stands.
Date: April 1933
Creator: Westveld, Marinus, 1889-
Item Type: Book

Huron timothy.

Description: Describes the Huron variety of timothy-grass, where and how it grows, and provides recommendations for cultivation.
Date: August 1933
Creator: Evans, Morgan W. (Morgan William), 1879-
Item Type: Book

Improved sanitation in milk production.

Description: Provides instructions for sanitary milk production. Discusses the importance of sanitary methods to protect milk during transportation from the farm to the city, thus improving the milk supply for growing urban populations.
Date: 1935
Creator: Posson, R. J. (Rutherford Jay), 1890-
Item Type: Book

Preventing feed flavors and odors in milk.

Description: Describes the causes of abnormal flavors and odors in milk; provides methods for ensuring the palatability of milk by controlling cattle feeds and production practices.
Date: 1935
Creator: Babcock, C. J.
Item Type: Book

Eliminating bats from buildings.

Description: Describes the habits of bats and possible places they choose to live, including houses. Provides various methods for repelling them. Argues against killing bats except as a last resort.
Date: September 1935
Creator: Silver, James, b. 1890.
Item Type: Book

Timothy seed production.

Description: A guide to the production and marketing of timothy seed throughout the United States.
Date: February 1936
Creator: Evans, Morgan W. (Morgan William), 1879-
Item Type: Book

Woods burning in the South.

Description: Discusses the problem of uncontrolled and illegal woods burning in the Southern United States and its economic effects. Describes methods of fire prevention.
Date: September 1936
Creator: United States. Forest Service.
Item Type: Book

White clover.

Description: Describes the characteristics of white clover, its varieties, and its diseases and pests.
Date: October 1936
Creator: Hollowell, E. A. (Eugene Amos)
Item Type: Book

Excluding birds from reservoirs and fishponds.

Description: Describes methods of removing birds from sources of drinking water, such as fishponds and reservoirs.
Date: March 1937
Creator: McAtee, W. L. (Waldo Lee), 1883-1962. & Piper, Stanley E. (Stanley Edward)
Item Type: Book

Den hunting as a means of coyote control.

Description: Discusses methods of coyote control on sheep ranges. Describes coyote denning habits and recommends the destruction of coyote young before they reach maturity.
Date: October 1937
Creator: Young, Stanley Paul, 1889-1969. & Dobyns, Harold W.
Item Type: Book

Production of chicory and endive.

Description: Discusses the characteristics of chicory and endive, and describes the steps necessary to successfully produce them.
Date: October 1937
Creator: Beattie, W. R. (William Renwick), b. 1870.
Item Type: Book

Production of kale.

Description: Describes the varieties of kale and best practices for growing and marketing it.
Date: November 1937
Creator: Thompson, Ross C. (Ross Calvin), 1896-
Item Type: Book

Production of roselle.

Description: A brief guide to growing, harvesting, and using roselle. Includes recipes for making jelly, jam, or drinks from the plant.
Date: December 1937
Creator: Beattie, James H. (James Herbert), b. 1882
Item Type: Book