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A Comparative Analysis of the Liquid Metal Heat Transfer Systems for WMA

Description: Introduction. As stated in Report KAPL 116, one of the objectives of the KAPL reactor is "to provide a prototype demonstration of the practical general of electrical power from Nuclear energy using molten sodium as the primary coolant. The reactor will generate steam at a temperature of 550 degrees F and 465 psia, including 90 degree superheat potentially capable of an efficiency of twenty-eight per cent in electrical output." The work reported here is intended to increase the scope and supply … more
Date: April 29, 1949
Creator: Selby, J. D.
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A General Purpose Log Counting Rate Meter Model B

Description: Abstract: This report is a brief description of a general purpose logarithmic counting rate meter developed at the Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory. The theory of operation and the circuit design are discussed. The use of a diode as a logarithmic element in the integrating circuit allows extremely accurate counting rate determinations over a five decade range.
Date: November 1, 1954
Creator: Stone, R. S. & Wade, E. J.
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A Log and Period Amplifier for Reactor Control

Description: Abstract: "This report is a brief description of the most recent developments in logarithmic amplifiers and period amplifiers at the Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory. The theory of operation and circuit design are discussed. The operational characteristics of the amplifiers are greatly improved over those of earlier models by the use of feedback circuits and compensating circuits."
Date: October 12, 1954
Creator: Stone, R. S. & Wade, E. J.
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Pressure and Thermal Stresses at a Pipe Attachment to a Sphere

Description: Abstract: Design nomographs and equations have been prepared for determining the bending stresses and hoop stresses at the junction of a cylinder and sphere when: (1) Internal pressure exists in the sphere and (2) There is a difference in average temperature between the cylinder and the sphere. A correlation of calculated stresses and photoelastically determined stresses for models with internal pressure is presented.
Date: September 21, 1959
Creator: Deagle, Lorenzo
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Self-Shielding Measurements in PPA-20

Description: From Introduction: "The self-shielding characteristics of a number of absorbers and of U-235 and U-238 have been investigated in PPA-20 (66°). Most of the measurements have been made in Ring 3 at the core mid-plane. The foil doubling technique was employed. Particular attention was given to 'thin' foil regions for the purpose of extrapolating the data to zero thickness."
Date: September 9, 1954
Creator: King, J. S.
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