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The Air-Launched Balloon System (ALBS) Development Program, Phase 2

Description: Abstract: The circumstances leading to the second phase of the Air-Launched Balloon System Development Program are described, along with the governing design constraints. Individual component development efforts and system design modifications are described in turn: the procurement and testing of the new dewar, the qualification of the updated cryogenic unit recovery system. The complicated command, control, and telemetry subsystem is also described in detail. The results of component tests and a system dress rehearsal system tests are summarized. Preparations for two full-scale system tests conducted in 1981 are covered in considerable detail. The results of those tests are presented and the test data are analyzed. It is concluded that the system's air-launch and mid-air inflation techniques are acceptable. The balloon requires structural reinforcements, however, before the system can be said to be fully developed.
Date: December 15, 1981
Creator: Carten, Andrew S., Jr.
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