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Analog and Digital Readout on an IBM Output Writer

Description: Abstract: A control system to provide digital printing and to plot an analog trace on an electric operated IBM model 11C Output Writer is described. The Digital mode of operation translates multidigit numbers through a set of commands to print each digit serially, then presents them to the output writer in a time sequence. The Analog mode of operation converts a d.c. input voltage to a digital number and by tab and space bar commands translates the carriage horizontally a distance proportion… more
Date: September 7, 1960
Creator: Graveson, R. T. (Robert T.)
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The Attenuation of Natural Environmental Radiation by an Automobile

Description: Report presenting a large number of measurements of natural environmental radiation in various parts of the United States using a 20-liter air filled polyethylene-walled ionization chamber at atmospheric pressure. The ionization current was measured with a vibrating reed electrometer connected as a continuously reading voltmeter driving a pen recorder" (p. 1).
Date: April 19, 1961
Creator: Shambon, Arthur; Lowder, Wayne M. & Solon, Leonard R.
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Beta and Gamma Dose Rates From Terrestrially Distributed Sources

Description: Report that examines the dose rate of radiation in the air and in a test subject due to radioactive materials (uranium, thorium, and potassium) that are present in the ground. The test subject in these experiments is a water cylinder that is meant to receive radiation in a manner similar to a person.
Date: October 28, 1957
Creator: O'Brien, Keran; Lowder, Wayne M. & Solon, Leonard R.
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The Calculation of Some Bessel Functions for Criticality Problems

Description: Abstract: An easy to use method for evaluating Bessel functions is given. This method is applicable to the one-dimensional, 2-group, 2-region diffusion problem, and is designed primarily for use on a small or medium sized digital computer. ...FORTRAN programs based on this method are presented together with the output obtained from an IBM-1620 digital computer.
Date: May 1962
Creator: Katine, Edward.
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The Effect of Noise on Pulse Height Resolution

Description: Report wherein "[a] statistical study of base line fluctuations is used to relate noise measurements with the resolution spread of a pulse height analysis system. The resolution is inversely proportional to the signal-to-noise ratio. The proportionality constant is derived on the basis of a normal amplitude distribution for noise. A review of noise measuring techniques is given and adapted for use with electronic voltmeters. The form factors required to interpret meter readings in terms of the … more
Date: January 1962
Creator: Meth, Irving M. & Graveson, Robert T.
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Energy Absorption Spectrum in Air of Cosmic Ray Mu Mesons at Sea Level

Description: Abstract: "The energy absorption spectrum of cosmic ray mu mesons at sea level was inferred from the omnidirectional momentum, the latter being obtained from the directional intensities of muons in various energy intervals at zenith angles of 0, 30, 60, and 68 degrees. ...From the energy absorption spectrum, a sea level muon dose rate of 2.23 microrads per hour was determined. This is consistent with measurements of the total cosmic dose rate."
Date: September 1962
Creator: Grotch, Howard.
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Environmental Contamination from Weapon Tests

Description: Report issued by the Atomic Energy Commission over environmental effects from the fallout of nuclear weapons tests. The long-term effects of nuclear fallout on the environment, and human life are discussed. This report includes tables, and illustrations.
Date: October 1958
Creator: U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. Health and Safety Laboratory.
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Environmental Radiation Measurements in the Southeastern, Central and Western United States, 1962-1963

Description: Report describing the use of a 5" x 3" NaI(Tl) detector and a high pressure ionization chamber to obtain gamma ray spectra and total gamma dose rates at approximately 100 locations during the course of several survey trips in the southeastern, central, and western United States. Reasonably precise elements of the dose rates are made using the pulse height spectra and relatively simple methods of analysis. Total terrestrial dose rates as well as the partial dose rates from the uranium-238 series… more
Date: April 1964
Creator: Beck, Harold L.; Condon, William J. & Lowder, Wayne M.
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Filters to Provide Nearly Monoenergetic X-Rays

Description: Abstract: Four filters for use with a 250 KVP pulsating X-ray machine were constructed to calibrate radiation detection instruments in the energy region below 200 KEV. Approximately monoenergetic beams of 63, 105, 150, and 180 KEV were produced. The spectral distribution was computer suing the formula of Kulenkampff. The energies were found to drop rapidly from the peak values. The average values were checked from absorption curves obtained experimentally and found to deviate from the computed … more
Date: July 1962
Creator: Shambon, Arthur & Murnick, Daniel
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Flight Data and Results of Radiochemical Analyses of Filter Samples Collected During 1961 and 1962

Description: Report containing "flight data and (...) results of radiochemical analyses of stratospheric and tropospheric air filter samples collected during Project Star Dust. This report contains data for samples collected during June 1961 to December 1962, the first year and a half of the project" (p. 2).
Date: January 1, 1965
Creator: Feely, Herbert W.; Friend, James P.; Krey, Philip W. & Russell, Barbara A.
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Further Investigations of Natural Environmental Radiation

Description: Report documenting the investigation of cosmic and terrestrial background radiation. "Remeasurements in many locations furnished estimates of dosimetric increase in terrestrial levels due to fallout. Radiation measurement sin residential dwellings in he New York metropolitan areas are described" (p. 1).
Date: November 3, 1959
Creator: Solon, Leonard R.; Lowder, Wayne M.; Shambon, Arthur & Blatz, Hanson
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