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6144-Channel Time-of-Flight Analyzer

Description: Report describing a 6144-channel analyzer designed and built for the purpose of analyzing time-of-flight during studies of slow neutron scattering at Hanford Laboratories. This includes descriptions of the analyzer, its logic and circuits, and its test mode.
Date: September 1964
Creator: Walker, R. A. & Russell, J. T.
Item Type: Report

Analog Computer Simulation of a Pulsed Extraction Column

Description: Report describing "computer techniques used in the simulation and parameter determination, how the data were prepared for inclusion in the computer simulation, (and) methods used in presenting the results" (p. 3-4).
Date: September 1964
Creator: Benham, R. D. & Wilburn, N. P.
Item Type: Report

Automatic Sample Changer

Description: Automatic sample changer developed to increase the number of samples that can be handled daily.
Date: January 3, 1957
Creator: Rankin, M. O.
Item Type: Report

Calculated Costs of Fabrication of Plutonium-Enriched Fuel Elements

Description: Report regarding the study of the calculated costs of fabricating plutonium-enriched fuel elements for Hanford Laboratories' Plutonium Recycle Program. Topics include descriptions of the process, design study of plants that use U235 and plutonium enriched fuel, and estimates of costs.
Date: August 1962
Creator: Hanthorn, H. E.
Item Type: Report

Construction Completion Report: CAI-816, 100-N Reactor Plant

Description: Report from Hanford Laboratories concerning "the design and construction of the 100-N Reactor and heat dissipation plant complete with the necessary auxiliaries" (p. 2). Details of its construction and the plant's systems and instrumentation are described as well as economic considerations.
Date: October 15, 1964
Creator: Buckner, C. L.
Item Type: Report

Conversion of UNH to UO3 : Terminal Report

Description: Feasibility of conversion of uranyl nitrate to uranium trioxide by the continuous addition of concentrated uranyl nitrate solution to hot, agitated UO3 powder.
Date: January 10, 1951
Creator: Maness, R. G.
Item Type: Report

Critical Mass Studies of Plutonium Solutions

Description: Chain reacting conditions for plutonium nitrate in water solution have been examined experimentally for a variety of sizes of spheres and cylinders.
Date: February 15, 1960
Creator: Kruesi, F. E.; Erkman, J. O. & Lanning, D. D.
Item Type: Report

Description of Purex Plant Process

Description: Description of Purex plant process for irradiated uranium for the separation and decontamination of plutonium and uranium from each other and from fission products.
Date: May 19, 1959
Creator: Irish, E. R.
Item Type: Report

Dissolution of Power Reactor Fuel Cores

Description: Report discussing the dissolution of simulated fuel cores. Equipment and procedures are discussed along with significant characteristics of the core materials.
Date: August 26, 1960
Creator: Blaine, H. T.
Item Type: Report