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Design Study Report for TARGET: A 1000-Mw(e) High-Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor

Description: Introduction: The scope of work for the contract stated that General Atomic was to undertake a preliminary design study and related exploratory development program for a 1000-Mw(e), advanced, gas-cooled reactor.
Date: November 1964
Creator: General Dynamics Corporation. General Atomic Division. John Jay Hopkins Laboratory for Pure and Applied Science
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Integral Neutron Thermalization, Annual Summary Report: October 1963-September 1964

Description: From introduction: This report contains D2O spectral investigations, measurements of scattering angular distributions, BeO spectral measurements, studies of space dependent problems, theoretical studies, and preliminary studies of fast neutron shielding.
Date: October 15, 1964
Creator: Beyster, J. R.; Brown, J. R.; Corngold, N.; Honeck, H. C.; Houston, D. H.; Joanou, G. D. et al.
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Investigation of Turbocirculator for Target, a 1000-Mw(e) Reactor: Summary Report

Description: The present study was undertaken for the purpose of determining the feasibility, establishing the required development program, and estimating the cost of a turbocirculator to provide the pumping power for a 1000-Mw(e) high-temperature gas-cooled reactor power plant as part of the TARGET program. This necessitated preliminary design of the turbocirculator in conjunction with the reactor power plant as well as the investigation of methods for the optimization of the turbocirculator and for its d… more
Date: September 28, 1964
Creator: Yampolsky, J.; Barbat, V.; Berman, H.; Cavallaro, L.; Ross, F. & Todt, L.
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Prestressed Concrete Reactor Vessel Model 1

Description: From introduction: The goal of engineers associated with nuclear power plants is the achievement of safe plants with low generating costs.One possible means of lowering costs is to increase the power generating capability for a single generating unit. To accomplish this, the sizes of nuclear reactors have been increased.
Date: October 25, 1966
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Technical Foundations of TRIGA

Description: From foreword: The TRIGA is a novel and unusually safe training, research, and isotope-production reactor that contains solid homogeneous uranium-zirconium-hydride-moderator fuel elements and operates at power levels in the range of from 10 kw to 250 kw.
Date: August 27, 1958
Creator: General Dynamics Corporation. General Atomic Division
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