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Fuel Cycle Program. A Boiling Water Reactor Research and Development Program. Eighth Quarterly Progress Report, April-June 1962

Description: A frequency analysis was made of the VBWR stability test data. Interpretation of the steady-state noise observed in the stability tests involved consideration of several possible sources of excitation. One of these, a theory of water surface waves, is summarized. Visual and destructive examinations were made of selected fuel rods. Fretting corrosion of the Zircaloy-clad fuel rods against stainless steel spacers was observed. Evidence that UO/sub 2/ thermal conductivity increases with time was o… more
Date: July 10, 1962
Creator: Hodde, J.A. comp.
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Fuel Cycle Program. A Boiling Water Reactor Research and Development Program. Eleventh Quarterly Progress Report, January-March 1963

Description: Even though VBWR shutdowns were required for location and removal of five failed fuel assemblies (HPD Program), the increase in fuel exposure was good. Fuel exposures wili pass the values at which cold worked stainless steel cladding was failing under the HPD Program. Failure of the 0.005-inch cold worked stainless steel clad fuel rods in assembly 8L was traced to strain cycling fatigue. A study of tapered fuel rods indicates a potential advantage for us of a variable water/fuel ratio along the… more
Date: April 1, 1963
Creator: Howard, C.L. comp.
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Fuel Cycle Program Progress Report: January-September 1977

Description: Report of the Argonne National Laboratory Chemical Engineering Division on fuel-cycle studies including pyro-chemical separation of plutonium and americium oxides from contaminated materials of construction such as steel, advanced solvent extraction techniques in the development of centrifugal contactors for use in Purex processes, and a review and evaluation of the encapsulation of high-level waste in a metal matrix.
Date: 1978?
Creator: Steindler, M. J.; Ader, M.; Bernstein, G.; Flynn, K. F.; Gerding, T. J.; Jardine, L. J. et al.
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