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Cesium Chloride Compatibility Testing Program. Annual Report, Fiscal Year 1982

Description: A program was started in FY 1982 to evaluate the compatibility of WESF-produced CsCl with 316 L stainless steel under the thermal conditions that would be encountered in a geologic repository. The program is funded through the Long-Term High-Level Defense Waste Program of the Department of Energy. The major part of the program involves compatibility testing of six standard WESF CsCl capsules at a maximum CsCl/metal interface temperature of 450/sup 0/C. The capsules are allowed to self-heat to the test temperature in insulated containers and then held at temperature for 2200 to 32,000 h. After thermal aging, the capsules are destructively examined to determine the extent of the metal attack by the CsCl. This report describes the testing procedure and summarizes the activities completed during the first year of the program.
Date: December 1, 1982
Creator: Fullam, H. T.

Direct-use geothermal PON and PRDA projects under DOE-ID administration. Annual report FY 1982, October 1, 1981-September 30, 1982

Description: The status of Geothermal PRDA and PON projects administered by the DOE-ID as of the end of FY-1982 is reported. Both programs were instituted to assist the development of the direct application of geothermal energy. The PRDA Program consists of a series of studies designed to investigate the engineering and economic feasibility of geothermal direct applications. The PON Program consists of demonstration projects in which project costs are shared between DOE and the private companies, municipalities, or organizations. During this reporting period, fiscal year 1982, EG and G Idaho provided program management and technical support for 12 demonstration projects and five engineering ad economic studies. Each project is summarized.
Date: January 1, 1983
Creator: Childs, F. W. & Sanders, R. D.

The Seventh Annual Interagency Geothermal Coordiinating Council Report, Fiscal Year 1982

Description: The U.S. Interagency Geothermal Coordinating Council was a multi-agency group charged with identifying and reducing barriers to geothermal energy development in the U.S. Many of the issues covered related to regulations for and progress in the leasing of Federal lands in the West for power development. The IGCC reports are important sources of historical information.
Date: March 30, 1983