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Energetic-neutron spectrometry. Progress report, 1 June 1975--31 May 1976

Description: Research accomplishments are outlined including measurement of the response of four scintillators to protons from about 2 to 20 MeV; measurement of the neutron spectrum from 20 to nearly 600 MeV above the roof shielding of the Brookhaven AGS; development of a 2-parameter spectrometer for unidirectional neutrons from 5 to 200 MeV; a temperature-stable linear gate for nanosecond signals from photomultipliers and an optional stretcher circuit; and planning for measurement of the neutron spectrum at 135/sup 0/ from the main beam stop at LAMPF. (WHK)
Date: 1976
Creator: Madey, Richard

Energetic-neutron spectrometry. Progress report, 1 June 1976--31 August 1977

Description: Advances in instrumentation and techniques for energetic-neutron spectrometry include the development of large-volume scintillators and a mean-timer electronic module to provide subnanosecond timing resolutions for time-of-flight measurements with improved energy resolutions, new determinations of the light response to protons (relative to electrons) of NE-228, NE228A, NE-224, and NE-102 scintillators, and the development of a multiplexing technique to permit the operation of several different counters simultaneously with our transportable data-acquisition system. Measurements demonstrating and utilizing these advances include neutron energy and angular distributions from 710-MeV alphas stopping in thick targets, and neutron spectra and yields from the nuclear capture of negative pions. Included also is a discussion of a planned experiment to measure neutron spectra from heavy-ion reactions at the Lawrence Berkeley Bevalac.
Date: 1977
Creator: Madey, Richard
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