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Coolside Waste Management Research Quarterly Report: January-March 1992

Description: Preparations are nearing completion to begin the field lysimeter and laboratory lysimeter studies. Approval has not yet been received to place the Coolside wastes in the field lysimeters. Winter wig delay emplacement of the waste until the weather moderates. Much of the technical progress for January centered on preliminary evaluation of Coolside samples for laboratory lysimeter testing and development of chemical analysis techniques. Approximate estimates of element concentrations in the leachate from Coolside waste allows the analytical group to anticipate the analytical requirements for the first lysimeter leachate samples. The preliminary leaching studies will also provide a guide to the evolution of Coolside materials with time and with continual replacement of pore waters. California Bearing Ratio tests were performed on three Coolside samples varying in degree of density compaction produced by the Standard, Modified, and Low Energy techniques.
Date: January 1, 1992

Coolside Waste Management Research Quarterly Report: January-March 1995

Description: The objective of this project is to produce sufficient information on the physical and chemical nature of Coolside wastes to design and construct physically stable and environmentally safe landfills. The report consists of three monthly progress reports which detail investigations of geotechnical properties and mineralogic reactions of Coolside fly ash, ash, and FGD sludges. Both laboratory and field lysimeters have been set up to gather leachates for testing. Results are presented on the laboratory leachates; field lysimeters have just begun to flow.
Date: November 1, 1995

Coolside Waste Management Research Quarterly Report: July-September 1992

Description: TCLP analysis of the Coolside pellets and Ottawa base sand materials were completed. The metal concentrations for the 8 RCRA metals were well below the trigger values with all but Ag and Se being below the drinking water standard levels. The initial and final pH values showed the sand had essentially no neutralization capacity while the neutralization capacity of the pilot plant materials was above the 0.7 meq/g upper level for use of extraction solution [number sign]1 but well below the 2 meq/g upper level of the [number sign]2 solution neutralization capacity. Complete metals analysis in addition to the RCRA metals are also reported. Complete metals, proximate, and ultimate analyses for the pilot plant test samples were completed. Sizable concentrations of calcium well above the Coolside samples were observed. Interpretation of these results are in progress. Monitoring of swell on Coolside solid waste samples compacted in CBR molds continued with no increase in swell being observed since the last reporting period. The permeability of a specimen remolded near 95% of standard dry density and optimum moisture content and aged at room temperature for 178 days was 1.72 [times] 10[sup [minus]6] cm/sec.
Date: January 1, 1992

Coolside Waste Management Research Quarterly Report: July-September 1995

Description: Twenty-two laboratory columns packed with flue gas desulfurization (FGD) wastes from tests of the Coolside Technology were constructed and are being monitored for leaching characteristics at the UK-CAER for approximately 8 months. FGD materials from the four pilot plant runs conducted by Consol in Library PA as well as two composite samples from demonstration-plant runs 1 and 3 conducted by Ohio Edison in the Edgewater Power Plant near Loraine Ohio were included in the investigation. Details of the packing procedure and test matrix have been described in a previous report. Variables investigated in the test matrix include solids packing density (49 and 65 lb/ft{sup 3}), contact with a variable CO{sub 2} atmosphere (0, 2.5, and 5 vol%), the rate and method of water addition (fixed-47 and 94 mL/wk; rain simulation), and prehydration (0, 15, 30, and 45 wt% prehydration water-dry basis).
Date: January 4, 1995
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