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Biofuels News - Spring 2002, Vol. 5, No. 1

Description: Biofuels News is a quarterly publication produced by the Department of Energy's Biofuels Program. This issue contains information on DOE's Enzyme Sugar Platform Project, the Enzyme Sugar Project's stage-gate review, the Biomass R&D Advisory Committee's recommendations for biofuels development, and biofuels and homeland security.
Date: March 1, 2002
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Biofuels News--Winter 1998, Vol.1, No. 1

Description: This is the debut of another innovative NREL publication whose mission is to advance the development and commercialization of alternative fuels, this time on behalf of DOE's Office of Fuels Development (OFD)(a division of the Office of Transportation Technologies). NREL is one of two federal laboratories (Oak Ridge National Laboratory is the other) whose R&D successes have helped to promote ethanol as a cost-competitive alternative to gasoline. Ethanol use is also seen as an effective solution … more
Date: January 1, 1998
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