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An Elementary Review of the Mathieu-Hill Equation of Real Variable Based on Numerical Solutions

Description: Abstract: description is given of a large number of trajectories of Mathieu's equation made on the ENIAC in 1948 and available at BRL. A large chart describing the behaviour of the solutions is given. The occasion is taken to review the essentials of the Mathieu theory for the benefit of the occasional user-proceeding from the point of view of an inspection of the numerical data.
Date: April 1955
Creator: Zaroodny, Serge J.
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Preliminary Results Obtained With Catalytic Surfaces in the Upper Atmosphere During Balloon Flights

Description: Abstract: Using high altitude balloons,preliminary investigation of recombination rates of atomic particles and free radicals was performed by exposing radiosonde thermistor elements specifically vacuum coated with silver and aluminum oxide. Positive results were obtained by the silver coated thermistor while the coated thermistors showed negative readings as was expected.
Date: December 1958
Creator: Brown, J. A. & Lavin, G. I.
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