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Preliminary Hazards Summary Report: Babcock & Wilcox Test Reactor

Description: This preliminary Hazards Summary Report presents to the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC), Division of Licensing and Regulation, a description of the Nuclear Development Center, the characteristics of the proposed site, and an evaluation of the potential hazards associated with operating the test reactor at this location.
Date: July 1962
Creator: The Babcock & Wilcox Company
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Thermal and Hydraulic Design of the Consolidated Edison Thorium Reactor

Description: This report presents the thermal and hydraulic analyses, both steady state and transient, for the CETR. Methods of calculations are discussed and results of analyses are presented. Steady state analyses are included for: pressure drops, flow distribution, orificing, burnout, fuel central melting, local boiling, and bulk boiling. Transient analyses are performed for several loss of forced coolant flow incidents.
Date: July 1960
Creator: Ferrell, J. K. (James K.); Flora, H. E.; Hostetler, D. R.; Stanek, L. J. & Vannoy, W. M.
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Transient Flow Performance in a Multi-Loop Nuclear Reactor System

Description: The method present can be used to determine fluid flow and coolant pump speed transients in a nuclear reactor system. Included are transients due to power failure, starting pumps in idle loops, and the opening of an active pump's discharge. Parallel pumps in the system may be analysed independently of each other. Typical cases are presented for the N.S. Savannah (NMSR) and Consolidated Edison Thorium Reactor (CETR).
Date: December 1959
Creator: Boyd, George M., Jr.; Rosser, Ralph M. & Cardwell, Bennett B., Jr.
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