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Nuclear Engineering Department Progress Report for May 1-September 30, 1957

Description: Thermal neutron diffusion lengths in bismuth were measured, and measurements on bismuth--graphite lattices were started. Uranium--fased salt phase and distribution studies were continued. A standard cell was designed for determining solute concentrations in fused chloride mixtures and liquid bismuth solutions. Absorption spectroscopy shows promise as a method for determining the concentration of uranium in fused chloride mixtures. Both theoretical and experimental studies were made of xenon removal problems in the Liquid Metal Fuel Reactor. Corrosion studies were made using a number of possible materials for use with fused magnesium chloride-potassium chloride--sodium chloride systems. Further studies of bismuth--thorium alloy preparation are reported. The operational status and available results are given from a number of corrosion loop studies with fused salts and liquid metal alloys. Dissolution rates are given for uranium in bromine trifluoride, Zircaloy clad molybdenum--uranium alloy niobium--uranium alloy and thorium oxide in phosphoric acid, and Zircaloy in sulfuric acid. (For preceding period see BNL-472.) (D.E.B.)
Date: October 31, 1958
Creator: Maslan, F.
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