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Ion Replacement Program Annual Report: 1993

Description: Annual report of the Ion Replacement Electrorefining Program at Aronne National Laboratory describing their research and activities. There are three key accomplishments highlighted for the year: (1) identification of a suitable sodium(beta){double_prime}-alumina/molten salt electrolyte system that functions reproducibly at 723 K, (2) actual separation of dysprosium and lanthanum in experiments, and (3) the identification of a metal alloy, Li{sub x}Sb, as an alternative ion replacement electrode.
Date: July 1993
Creator: Tomczuk, Z.

Practical Superconductor Development for Electrical Power Applications, Annual Report: 1993

Description: Annual report for the superconductor program at Argonne National Laboratory discussing the group's activities and research. This report describes technical progress of research and development efforts aimed at producing superconducting components in the Y-Ba-Cu, (B1,Pb)-Sr-Ca-Cu, (Tl,Pb,BI)-(Ba,Sr)-Ca-Cu, and Hg-Ba-Ca-Cu-O oxide systems including: synthesis and heat treatment of high-Ta superconductors; formation of monolithic and composite wires, tapes, and coils; characterization of structures and superconducting and mechanical properties; fabrication and properties of films; and development of prototype components.
Date: October 1993
Creator: Argonne National Laboratory. Materials and Components Technology Division.