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The Absolute Abundance of the Chromium Isotopes in Some Secondary Minerals

Description: From abstract: "Isotopic assays have been made on the chromium in samples from fourteen different chrominiferous minerals from different geographic and meteoritic sources. The results of the assays indicate that it is not possible to unequivocally state that variations in isotopic compositions have been observed."
Date: 1962
Creator: Svec, Harry J. (Harry John), 1918-; Flesch, G. D. & Capellen, J.
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Acid-Base Equilibria in Tertiary Butyl Alcohol

Description: From abstract: "The dissociation of acids in tertiary butyl alcohol has been studied by potentiometric, spectrophotometric, and conductimetric methods. Values for the over-all dissociation of perchloric and picric acids and several tetrabutylammonium salts were estimated by the Fuoss-Kraus treatment of conductance data. Potentiometric studies were carried out at constant ionic strength in order to minimize activity coefficient variations. An acidity scale was established from potentiometric mea… more
Date: August 6, 1962
Creator: Marple, Leland & Fritz, James S. (James Sherwood), 1924-
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Acid-Base Reactions and Kinetics of the Halates in Fused Nitrates

Description: From Abstract : "The mechanism of the reactions of the halates, bromate, chlorate, and iodate, with dichromate in fused alkali nitrates has been shown to involve a fast equilibrium followed by a slow rate determining strip to give oxygen and halogen gases as final products." Experiments outlined serve as insight into the structure of fused salts or fused electrolytes.
Date: November 1962
Creator: Schlegel, James Max & Duke, P. R.
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The Adsorption and Surface Reactions of Hydrocarbons on Clean Iridium

Description: From abstract: "The adsorption of ethane, ethylene and acetylene on clean iridium in a field emission microscope has been found to cause characteristic changes in the work function of the iridium surface. Further changes, which are time and temperature dependent, result when such surfaces are heated. Flash filament experiments have shown that the changes in work function upon heating are due to desorption reactions and that the desorbed product consists principally of hydrogen. By assuming a li… more
Date: April 7, 1962
Creator: Arthur, John R., Jr. & Hansen, Robert S.
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Analysis of Carbon Monoxide-Nitrogen Mixtures by High Resolution Mass Spectrometry

Description: From abstract: "A single focusing mass spectrometer has been converted into a double focusing instrument. Relatively high resolution is obtained by decreasing the slit widths and minimizing the ion-optic aberrations. A relatively low ion accelerating voltage (2000 volts) is utilized compared to those normally used for high resolution work. The entire construction was performed at these laboratories. Essentially all of the original equipment was reused in the double focusing system. Although the… more
Date: February 1962
Creator: Conzemius, Robert Joseph & Svec, Harry J. (Harry John), 1918-
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Analysis of Mixtures of Alcohols by Acylation

Description: From abstract: "Recently a general chemical method for the analysis of mixtures of alcohols appeared, using pyridine catalyzed acetylation and second order kinetics to determine the amount of the faster reacting component. The use of 0.25M isobutyric anhydride in pyridine containing 0.0025M perchloric acid as catalyst promotes the rate of the reaction and diminishes the time necessary to perform an analysis. A mathematical treatment of the data and kinetic plot reduces the number of kinetic poi… more
Date: November 1961
Creator: Fellows, William Dean & Fritz, James S. (James Sherwood), 1924-
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Angular Distribution of Relativistic Atomic K-Shell Photoelectrons

Description: From abstract: "Using the high energy limit of the exact Coulomb wave function for the outgoing electron, the differential cross section, correct to three orders in aZ, is calculated for the K-shell photoeffect. An analytic expression, exact in aZ, is obtained for the differential cross section for the special case in which the electron emerges in the forward direction."
Date: 1962
Creator: Weber, T. A. & Mullin, C. J.
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The Application of Wax Laps to Vibratory Polishers

Description: From introduction: "In this paper the adaptation of the wax lab surface vibratory polisher is described. The wax lap requires little maintenance during the life of the lap. It is not necessary to remove any of the holding devices on the bowl to clean and recondition the lap. The bowl is merely washed out, recharged and placed in operation. The wax lap will not wrinkle or tear, nor is it necessary to change it each day such as the silk or nylon cloths."
Date: April 19, 1962
Creator: Hopkins, E. N. & Peterson, D. T.
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Automatic Recording Surface Balance

Description: From introduction: "We have previously described simple modifications of a 'Cenco' hydrophil balance which allowed automatic recording of monolayer compression characteristics. This note describes the torsion balance and trough designed and built in this Laboratory as a result of our experience with the previous instrument."
Date: 1962
Creator: Mann, J. Adin, Jr. & Hansen, Robert S.
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Description: This report provides a broad and in depth discussion of bismuth, discussing the properties of bismuth--including physical, electrochemical, and chemical properties. It then discusses the processes by which bismuth is detected and how bismuth can be separated and isolated, with discussions of dissolution, precipitation, and extraction.
Date: 1960
Creator: Fritz, James S.
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Boiling Points and Surface Tensions of Mixtures of Benzyl Acetate With Dioxan, Aniline and Meta-Cresol

Description: Technical report. From Abstract : "Accurate measurements on boiling points and surface tensions of mixtures of benzyl acetate with dioxan, aniline and meta-cresol over the entire range of concentration are reported. The results have been analysed in terms of quasi-crystalline model which is partially successful in representing the composition dependence of heats of mixing, boiling points and surface tension except for composition dependence of boiling points of benzyl acetate and meta-cresol."
Date: September 13, 1962
Creator: Katti, P. K. & Chaudhri, M. M.
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Description: Technical report outlining the element calcium as well as its occurrences, physical properties, chemical properties, methods of manufacture, economic aspects, and uses.
Date: September 1962
Creator: Carlson, O. N. & Haefling, J. A.
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Cation Exchange in Acetone-Water-Hydrochloric Acid

Description: Abstract: Distribution coefficients have been measured for the partition of metal ions between cation exchange resin and acetone-water-hydrochloric acid solutions. the differences in distribution coefficients of metal ions are greater in acetone-water media than in aqueous media of the same hydrochloric acid concentration. Using distribution coefficient data, conditions for column separations of mixtures can be selected. Column separations of metal ion mixtures can be effected by eluting wit… more
Date: May 10, 1962
Creator: Fritz, James S. (James Sherwood), 1924- & Rettig, Thomas A.
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Cation Exchange Separation of Divalent Metal Ions From Rare Earths

Description: From abstract: "The divalent metal ions of calcium, magnesium, nickel, and strontium are eluted from a cation exchange column with 1.5M nitric acid and separated from trivalent rare earths, aluminum and yttrium. Prior sequential elution of other metal ions with hydrochloric acid in acetone-water or with dilute hydrofluoric acid does not interfere with the present separation method."
Date: June 6, 1962
Creator: Fritz, James S. (James Sherwood), 1924- & Garralda, Barbara B.
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Chapter 48: Analytical Chemistry of Cobalt

Description: This report provides a detailed discussion of the analytical chemistry of cobalt, including an introduction, the properties of cobalt, the sampling of cobalt-bearing materials, the separation and isolation of cobalt, the detection and identification of cobalt, the determination of cobalt, and the specific methods for determining cobalt.
Date: 1961
Creator: Dale, John M. & Banks, Charles V.
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Chemical Binding in the Water Molecule

Description: From Introduction : "This analysis partitions the electron density and the electronic pair density of the molecule into components corresponding promoted atomic states, to quasiclassical coulombic interactions of these promoted states, and to interactions resulting from the sharing of electrons between atoms."
Date: May 3, 1963
Creator: Edmiston, Clyde & Ruedenberg, Klaus, 1920-
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Consequent Procedures in Conventional Computers

Description: Abstract. The use of consequent procedures in designing programming systems and languages for real-time, on-line or multi-programming applications is discussed. Consequent procedures differ from normal procedures in that the flow control between procedures is defined by the consequences of the previous procedure rather than by the programmer. The use of these concepts leads to comparatively simple system and language design for general purpose systems. Interactions with the external world of h… more
Date: 1963
Creator: Fitzwater, D. R. & Schweppe, E. J.
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The Crystal Structure of Bis(Meta-Chlorobenzoyl) Methane

Description: Technical report. From Abstract : "The crystal structure of bis(meta-chlorobenzoyl) methane has been determined by three dimensional anisotropic least squares refinement of scintillation counter data. The molecule was found to be nearly planar with a maximum deviation from the least squares molecular plane of 0.068Å and an average deviation of 0.023Å. Fourier transform techniques to locate phenyl rings provided the key to the structure determination. The intramolecular bond distances and therma… more
Date: December 13, 1962
Creator: Engebretson, Gordon R. & Rundle, R. E.
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Crystal Structure of Bis (Meta-Chlorobenzoyl) Methane

Description: Technical report. From Abstract : "The determination of the crystal structure of bis(meta-chlorobenzoyl)-methane was undertaken by x-ray methods in an effort to clarify the ambiguous position of the hydrogen atom on the enolic form of β - diketones and hence in intramolecular hydrogen bonds."
Date: November 1962
Creator: Engebretson, Gordon Roy & Rundle, R. E.
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The Crystal Structure of Bismuth Subchloride

Description: Technical report. From Abstract : "The stoichiometric formula of the lower chloride in the BiCl3-Bi system has been established as Bi12Cl14 (BiCl1.167) through a dingle crystal, X-ray determination of its structure. ... Previous studies of the Bi-Cl3-Bi system are re-examined in the light of the structural results."
Date: January 10, 1963
Creator: Hershaft, Alex & Corbett, John D.
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The Crystal Structure of LiCuCl3-2H2O*

Description: This report undertakes research to study LiCuCl3-2H2O is from a structural standpoint, revealing the oxygen positions. The study uses the Levy-Bussing anisotropic temperature factor treatment and least squares program to determine a discrepancy factor for the visually determined intensities. The structure of the molecule is also found to have interesting magnetic properties which has inspired a new study at Brookhaven.
Date: 1960
Creator: Vossos, Peter H.; Fitzwater, D. R. & Rundle, R. E.
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Crystalline Field Splittings in Holmium and Dysprosium Ethylsulfates

Description: From report : "It has become apparent that pragmatic resonance data alone are insufficient to correctly evaluate crystal field parameters for rare-earth ethylsulfates, and that heat capacity data above 20°K are a useful aid in determining whether low lying levels obtained by absorption spectroscopy have been correctly identified."
Date: March 1963
Creator: Spedding, F. H.; Gerstein, B. C.; Haas, W. J.; Phillips, E. & Sutherland, W. L.
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