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The Cumulus and Meteorological Events of the Florida Peninsula During a Particular Summertime Period: Cloud Refractive Index Studies IIIA

Description: The cumulus cloud events of the Florida peninsula that were observed during a 19-day period of photoreconnaissance in August and September 1957 are described and illustrated. The associated meteorological and rainfall events are also described and the intercorrelations among the various observations are pointed out. The study findings revealed that the principal factors governing the cloud and rainfall situations of the different days were (1) the low-level advection of water vapor into the pen… more
Date: October 1965
Creator: Plank, Vernon G.
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Evaluation of an Arctic Ice-Free Land Site and Results of C-130 Aircraft Test Landings, Polaris Promontory, North Greenland 1958-1959

Description: Abstract: "Field investigations of an ice-free land area at Polaris Promontory, Hall Land in northwest Greenland were undertaken to determine if this area could support austere military aircraft operations. Detailed scientific observations of geology, meteorology, natural terrain features of the area were made, thorough investigations of the soil features and bearing strength were conducted, and an airstrip was prepared and marked. Successful test landings by a C-130 aircraft were made on the a… more
Date: March 1961
Creator: Needleman, Stanley M.; Klick, Donald W. & Molineux, Carlton E.
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Investigations of Ice-Free Sites for Aircraft Landings in East Greenland, 1959

Description: Abstract: "Thirty-three specific landing sites were investigated in the ice-free land area of East Greenland between Scores by Sund and Loch Fyne. Eight of these are considered suitable for emergency landings in summer by heavy cargo planes, and several more for light cargo planes. Several sites were investigated for the Royal Greenland Trade Department in the Scorebysund - Kap Tobin area. A 1550-foot airstrip was located on a gravel terrace in the Jaettedal, eight miles northwest of Kap Tobin,… more
Date: September 1961
Creator: Hartshorn, Joseph Harold; Stoertz, George E.; Kover, Allan N. & Davis, Stanley N.
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Playa Surface Morphology: Miscellaneous Investigations

Description: Abstract: Numerous environmental processes affect the development and stability of playa (lakebed) surfaces. Of special significance are hydrologic processes that control the amount and flow of both surface and ground water, and climatic variations which in turn influence the hydrology. This report, in six parts, examines some aspects of the playa surface environment. Chapter 1 is an introduction. Chapter 2 describes microrelief changes that developed at Harper Playa, California, following floo… more
Date: March 1968
Creator: Neal, James T.
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Transverse Antenna Feed Study: Final Report

Description: The program described in this final report had as its goal the investigation of the transverse focal region field distributions of a Cassegrain reflector antenna, evolving applicable microwave feed networks, and analysis of antenna system performance behavior as a function of the various feed electrical and physical parameters. (Author)
Date: May 1968
Creator: Martin, R. W.; Smilen, L. I. & Valentino, P.
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Upper Wind Representation and Flight Planning

Description: Abstract: This Survey is divided into four parts: (a) a representation of winds of space and time, which includes a tool for analysis, called the "geostrophic-gradient divider", and the "2-prog" and "4-prog" charts ; (b) flight planning tools: the 4-D plotter and the fixed-speed time-front plotter ; (c) methods of flight planning, including fixed-track flight planning, single-drift flight planning and emphasizing minimal flight planning, and (d) an interpolative system of minimal flight plannin… more
Date: March 1957
Creator: Gringorten, Irving I.
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