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Analysis of Extended Zero Power Experiments on the Army Package Power Reactor : ZPE-2

Description: Introduction: This report is principally concerned with analysis of measurements taken on the APPR-1 core during the course of the extended Zero Power Experiments (ZPE-2). The bulk of these measurements are reported in APAE No. 21. There are some additional measurements reported in APAE Memo 115. In addition to the analysis of the ZPE-2 data some re-evaluation has been made of a few of the results obtained from the first set of Zero Power Experiments (ZPE-1). The ZPE-1 measurements are repor… more
Date: May 7, 1958
Creator: Byrne, B. J. & Oby, P. V.
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Analysis of Zero Power Experiments on SM-1 Core II and SM-1A Core I

Description: Abstract: An analysis of SM-1 Core II and SM-1A Core I zero power experiments was made by comparing these cores to each other and to AM-1 Core I on the basis of critical bank positions, bank calibrations and available chemical analyses of the fuel plate compositions. The effects of replacing boron absorbers by europium absorbers upon rod worth and stuck rod conditions were studied. Comparisons of measured and calculated power distributions were made. It was concluded that both SM-1 Core II an… more
Date: October 5, 1960
Creator: Paluszkiewicz, S.
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APPR-1 Burnout Calculations

Description: A general non-uniform burnup program has been developed to determine the lifetime of the APPR-1. Calculations are used to determine performance using two one dimensional multiregion burnout calculations
Date: unknown
Creator: Williamson, T. G.
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A Boiling Water Analysis Code on the IBM-650

Description: A method has been developed for using the IBM 650 Electronic Data Processing Machine to obtain detailed information concerning thermal and hydraulic conditions within a plate type reactor channel when the coolant in the channel is present in both vapor and liquid phases
Date: unknown
Creator: Beretsky, I. & Pacine, S.
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BWR Reference Design for PL-3

Description: Abstract: The natural circulation, direct cycle, boiling water reactor reference design presented in this technical report is the alternate to the preferred preliminary design developed under Phase I of the PL-3 contract. The report presents plant design criteria, summary of plant selection, plant description, reactor and primary system description, thermal and hydraulic analysis, nuclear analysis, control and instrumentation description, shielding description, auxiliary systems, power plant eq… more
Date: February 28, 1962
Creator: Humphries, G. E.
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Control and Dynamics Performance of a Sodium Cooled Reactor Power System

Description: Introduction: Objectives and Method of Approach. High plant efficiencies can be realized without excessively high core temperatures and high coolant pressures by the use of liquid metal coolant. In an attempt to prove the feasibility of liquid sodium as a reactor coolant ALCO Products, Inc., under sponsorship of the Atomic Energy Commission, is undertaking a design study of three vital system components: the intermediate exchanger, the boiler, and the superheater. Since, in the past programs,… more
Date: 1960
Creator: Alco Products (Firm).
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Criteria for Evaluating Hazards Involved in Proposed Tests On and/or Modifications To the SM-1

Description: Abstract: This technical report elucidates principles of hazards evaluation. The concept of hazards potential is introduced and utilized to show how a reactor system perturbation will influence its nuclear safety. Literature relating to reactor safety is referenced to provide the sources of information required for hazards analysis and show how they influence a hazards evaluation. A checklist of items which should be considered in evaluating a change, test, or modification is presented.
Date: October 18, 1961
Creator: Scoles, J. F.
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