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A Comparison of the Basic Provisions of the Nixon Administration General Revenue Sharing Bill (S. 680 and H.R. 4187, 92nd Congress) and of Congressman Mill's Bill for Assisting State and Local Governments (H.R. 11950, 92nd Congress)

Description: This report provides a comparison of the provisions of President Nixon's General Revenue Sharing Bill (S. 680 & H.R. 4187) and Congressman Mill's Intergovernmental Fiscal Coordination bill (H.R. 11950).
Date: February 15, 1972
Creator: McBreen, Maureen
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The Obscenity Issue and the 92nd Congress

Description: This report discusses proposed and passed legislation during the 92nd Congress related to the regulation of pornographic and obscene material being sent through the mail or being accessible by minors as well as related court decisions.
Date: February 7, 1972
Creator: Donaho, Elizabeth
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