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Bending of Rectangular Plates with Large Deflections

Description: "The solution of von Karman's fundamental equations for large deflections of plates is presented for the case of a simply supported rectangular plate under combined edge compression and lateral loading. Numerical solutions are given for square plates and for rectangular plates with a width-span ratio of 3:1. The effective widths under edge compression are compared with effective widths according to von Karman, Bengston, Marguerre, and Cox and with experimental results by Ramberg, McPherson, and Levy" (p. 1).
Date: May 1942
Creator: Levy, Samuel

A Brief Study of the Speed Reduction of Overtaking Airplanes by Means of Air Brakes

Description: "As an aid to airplane designers interested in providing pursuit airplanes with decelerating devices intended to increase the firing time when overtaking another airplane, formulas are given relating the pertinent distances and speeds in horizontal flight to the drag increase required. Charts are given for a representative parasite-drag coefficient from which the drag increase, the time gained, and the closing distance may be found. The charts are made up for three values of the ratio of the final speed of the pursuing airplane to the speed of the pursued airplane and for several values of the ratio of the speed of the pursued airplane to the initial speed of the pursuing airplane" (p. 1).
Date: May 1942
Creator: Pearson, H. A. & Anderson, R. F.

The Development of Satisfactory Flying Qualities on the Douglas Dive Bomber, Model SBD-1 Through Flight Testing Successive Modifications in Control-Surface Area, Hinge-Line Location, and Aerodynamic-Balance Nose Shape

Description: Report presenting flight-test data contributing to the development of the present SBD-1 flying qualities based on the interest expressed in the methods used to obtain control-force characteristics on the Douglas Model SBD-1 by minor relocation of control-surface hinge line in combination with modifications in the aerodynamic balance nose shape. Results regarding the stalling characteristics, lateral-directional stability and control, longitudinal stability and control, and design recommendations are provided.
Date: May 1942
Creator: Root, L. E.

Effect of additions of aromatics on the knocking characteristics of several 100-octane fuels at two engine speeds

Description: Report presenting testing at two engine speeds on six representative fuels rated at 100-octane number by the C.F.R. aviation method. Blends of the fuels with benzene, toluene, xylene, and isopropyl comprise nine other fuels, leading to testing on 15 fuels. Results regarding the tests at 2000 rpm and 250 degrees Fahrenheit inlet-air temperature, at 3100 rpm and 250 degrees Fahrenheit inlet-air temperature, 2000 rpm and 150 degrees Fahrenheit inlet-air temperature, and 3100 rpm and 150 degrees Fahrenheit inlet-air temperature, effect of speed on knock rating, effect of inlet-air temperature on knock rating, and effect of spark advance on knock rating are provided.
Date: May 1942
Creator: Biermann, Arnold E.; Corrington, Lester C. & Harries, Myron L.

Effect of inlet-air velocity distribution on the metering pressure of an injection-type aircraft carburetor

Description: Report presenting tests of a three-barrel pressure carburetor to determine the effect of nonuniformity of the air flow in the intake duct on the metering of the carburetor. Measurements were made in the air side of the metering system and in the carburetor barrels for a variety of flow distributions. Results regarding the metering pressure, altitude compensation, effect of throttle on the metering characteristics, and flow of air around the bends are provided
Date: May 1942
Creator: Kinghorn, George F.

A flight investigation of internally balanced sealed ailerons in the presence of a balanced split flap

Description: Report presenting flight tests made with a modified Ryan ST airplane to determine the effect on aileron characteristics of various arrangements of balanced split flaps covering that portion of the wing span occupied by the ailerons. With the flaps fully extended, the aileron effectiveness was reduced by approximately 18 percent of the effectiveness measured with ailerons alone.
Date: May 1942
Creator: Williams, W. C.

A flight investigation of short-period longitudinal oscillations of an airplane with free elevator

Description: Report presenting a flight investigation to check the results of a theoretical analysis of longitudinal stability of an airplane with free controls. Tests used a Fairchild XR2K-1 airplane on which the weight moment and the aerodynamic balance of the elevator were varied to bring it into a condition where unstable short-period oscillations were encountered.
Date: May 1942
Creator: Phillips, William H.

Generalized selection charts for bombers with four 2000-horsepower engines

Description: Report presenting a study of the performance of bombers powered by four 2000-horsepower engines supercharged to 25,000 feet. A series of charts is provided with the coordinates of power loading and wing loading in order to simplify the selection of the best airplane for a given purpose.
Date: May 1942
Creator: Brevoort, Maurice J.; Stickle, George W. & Hill, Paul R.

Ground Effect on Downwash Angles and Wake Location

Description: "A theoretical study has been made of the reduction in downwash and upward displacement of the wake in the presence of the ground, and some verification of the theory has been obtained by means of air-flow measurements made with a ground-board and image-wing combination. Methods are given for estimating the effects and numerous examples are included to illustrate the nature of these effects and to show their order of magnitude" (p. 1).
Date: May 1942
Creator: Katzoff, S. & Sweberg, Harold H.

High-Speed Tests of a Ducted Body with Various Air-Outlet Openings

Description: Test of a ducted body with Internal flow were made in the 8-foot high-speed wind tunnel for the purpose of studying the effects on external drag and an critical speed of the addition of efficient inlet and outlet openings to a basic streamline shape. Drag tests of a 13.6- inch-diameter streamline body of fineness ratio 6.14 were made at Mach numbers ranging from 0.20 to 0.75. The model was centrally mounted on a 9-percent-thick airfoil and was designed to have an efficient airfoil-body juncture and a high critical speed.
Date: May 1942
Creator: Becker, John V. & Baals, Donald D.

High-speed tests of radial-engine nacelles on a thick low-drag wing

Description: Report presenting testing in the high-speed wind tunnel to determine the drag characteristics of several types of radial-engine nacelle on a low-drag airfoil. The drag coefficients of nacelles incorporating cowling-nose shapes shown by previous tests to be efficient and afterbodies of adequate length were about the same magnitude as commonly obtained for comparable installations on conventional wings. Results regarding the reduction of data, effect of nacelles on lift, and pressures at wing-nacelle juncture are provided.
Date: May 1942
Creator: Becker, John V.

The Influence of Bulkhead Spacing on Bending Stresses Due to Torsion

Description: Report presenting the reasons for the existence of bending stresses due to torsion and the theoretical formulas applying to rectangular boxes with finite bulkhead spacing. Tests are described which were made to verify the theory, strains being measured on a rectangular torsion box with four bulkhead spacings. Results regarding normal stresses are provided.
Date: May 1942
Creator: Kuhn, Paul

Investigation of Lubricants Under Boundary Friction

Description: Numerous observations of such lubrication processes within range of boundary friction on journal bearings and gear tooth profiles have strengthened the supposition that it should be possible to study the attendant phenomena with engineering methods and equipment. These considerations formed the basis of the present studies, which have led to the discovery of relations governing the suitability of bearing surfaces and the concept of "lubricating quality.".
Date: May 1942
Creator: Heidebroek, E. & Pietsch, E.

A Method for Determining the Camber and Twist of a Surface to Support a Given Distribution of Lift, With Applications to the Load Over a Sweptback Wing

Description: "A graphical method is described for finding the shape (camber and twist) of an airfoil having an arbitrary distribution of lift. The method consists in replacing the lifting surface and its wake with an equivalent arrangement of vortices and in finding the associated vertical velocities. By division of the vortex pattern into circular strips concentric about the downwash point instead of into the usual rectangular strips, the lifting surface is reduced for each downwash point to an equivalent loaded line for which the induced velocity is readily computed" (p. 543).
Date: May 16, 1942
Creator: Cohen, Doris

Observations of the Improvement in Vision Brought About by the Application of a Rain-Repellent Lacquer on an Airplane Windshield

Description: "A rain-repellent lacquer was submitted to the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics by Captain K.H. Kalberer, of Lorr Laboratories, and preliminary tests and observations have been made to determine its value in improving the vision through an airplane windshield during rain. The tests and observations were carried out at Ames Aeronautical Laboratory, Moffett Field, California, over a period of about a week. The results are reported herein" (p. 2).
Date: May 1942
Creator: McAvoy, William H. & Clousing, Lawrence A.

On a New Method for Calculating the Potential Flow Past a Body of Revolution

Description: "A new method is presented for obtaining the velocity potential of the flow about a body of revolution moving uniformly in the direction of its axis of symmetry in a fluid otherwise at rest. This method is based essentially on the fact that the form of the differential equation for the velocity potential is invariant with regard to conformal transformation of the meridian plane. By means of the conformal transformation of the meridian profile into a circle a system of orthogonal curvilinear coordinates is obtained, the main feature of which is that one of the coordinate lines is the meridian profile itself" (p. 7).
Date: May 18, 1942
Creator: Kaplan, Carl

The Porpoising Characteristics of a Planing Surface Representing the Forebody of a Flying-Boat Hull

Description: Porpoising characteristics were observed on V-body fitted with tail surfaces for different combinations of load, speed, moment of inertia, location of pivot, elevator setting, and tail area. A critical trim was found which was unaltered by elevator setting or tail area. Critical trim was lowered by moving pivot either forward or down or increasing radius or gyration. Increase in mass and moment of inertia increased amplitude of oscillations. Complete results are tabulated and shown graphically.
Date: May 1942
Creator: Benson, James M.

The Preparation of 2, 2, 4, 4-Tetramethylpentane

Description: Report presenting seven distinct operations in the preparation of 2,2,4,4-tetramethylpentane, including the preparation of di-isobutylene hydrochloride, preparation of dimethylzinc, reaction of dimethylzinc in dry benzene with di-isobutylene hydrochloride, preliminary distillation of the reaction products, treatment of the first distillate with sodium and alcohol, final distillation after appropriate washing of the products, and recovery of the iodine in the zinc residues of II as methyl iodide.
Date: May 1942
Creator: Drake, N. L.

Recording Rapidly Changing Cylinder-Wall Temperatures

Description: "The present report deals with the design and testing of a measuring plug suggested by H. Pfriem for recording quasi-stationary cylinder wall temperatures. The new device is a resistance thermometer, the temperature-susceptible part of which consists of a gold coating applied by evaporation under high vacuum and electrolytically strengthened. After overcoming initial difficulties, calibration of plugs up to and beyond 400 degrees C was possible" (p. 1).
Date: May 1942
Creator: Meier, Adolf

Square Plate With Clamped Edges Under Normal Pressure Producing Large Deflections

Description: "A theoretical analysis is given for the stresses and deflections of a square plate with clamped edges under normal pressure producing large deflections. Values of the bending stress and membrane stress at the center of the plate and at the midpoint of the edge are given for center deflections up to 1.9 times the plate thickness. The shape of the deflected surface is given for low pressures and for the highest pressure considered" (p. 1).
Date: May 1942
Creator: Levy, Samuel

A summary of results of various investigations of the mechanical properties of aluminum alloys at low temperatures

Description: The available sources of data on the mechanical properties of aluminum alloys at low temperatures are listed and a summary of the material to be found in each source is given. There is included a discussion of the results of recent tests of aluminum alloys at low temperatures made at the Aluminum Research Laboratories.
Date: May 1942
Creator: Hartmann, E. C. & Sharp, W. H.

Test of NACA 66,2-116, a = 0.6 airfoil section fitted with pressure balanced and slotted flaps for the wing of the XP-63 airplane

Description: Report presenting tests in the two-dimensional low-turbulence pressure tunnel of a model of the NACA 66,2-116, a = 0.6 airfoil section representing the root section of the wing for the XP-63 airplane. The model was of 24-inch chord, built of wood with dural slot cover plates for the flap.
Date: May 1942
Creator: Underwood, William J. & Abbott, Frank T., Jr.