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Thorium and rare earth minerals in the Powderhorn district, Gunnison County, Colorado

Description: "Thorium deposits were discovered in the Powderhorn district in 1949. This district has long been known for its occurrences of alkalic igneous rocks, of which the best known is the Iron Hill complex (Larsen, 1942). Some of these alkalic rocks contain titanium, barium, strontium, rare earths, thorium, and niobium in greater percentages than those of most igneous rocks. A study of the thorium deposits was undertaken to obtain more information on the geologic relation of minor elements, particularly rare earths, and thorium, to alkalic igneous rocks, and to evaluate the economic significance of the Thorium deposits."
Date: February 1954
Creator: Olson, J. C. & Wallace, S. R.
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Location of uranium occurrences in southcentral Wyoming and northwestern Colorado

Description: "The principal uranium deposits in southcentral Wyoming and north-western Colorado are located in or at the margins of broad Tertiary basins. Interesting and possibly commercially significant occurrences are found in other Tertiary and older rocks at widely separated locations within this region. The six maps accompanying this report give the location, name, and ownership of the mines and occurrences from which samples assaying greater than 0.10% U3O8 have been collected. Claim names, location, and ownership are also given for occurrences outside the map areas."
Date: February 1957
Creator: Bromley, Charles P.
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The Synthetic Liquid Fuel Potential of Arizona

Description: Report documenting the suitability of Arizona for plant locations to produce synthetic liquid fuels, based on raw materials, water sources, and local interest. In this report, they analyze the state primarily for coal deposits suitable for synthetic liquid fuels.
Date: February 26, 1951
Creator: Ford, Bacon, and Davis
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The Uravan Mineral Belt

Description: "This report briefly describes the [Urvanian Mineral Belt] and outlines the geologic evidence supporting its concept. General plans for continuous exploration of this belt, and preliminary prediction of the total amount of carnotite-bearing rocks that might be in one unexplored area, are also presented"
Date: February 1950
Creator: Fischer, R. P.
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Appraisal of the accuracy of U.S. Geological Survey ore reserve estimates for uranium-vanadium deposits on the Colorado Plateau

Description: A report regarding the appraisal of the accuracy of the U.S. Geological Survey of ore reserve estimates for uranium-vanadium deposits on the Colorado Plateau. This report concerns work done on behalf of the Division of Raw Materials of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission.
Date: February 1954
Creator: Bush, Alfred Lerner & Stager, Harold Keith
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