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Aerial Gamma-Ray and Magnetic Survey of the Delta Area--Utah: Final Report, Volume 1

Description: From abstract: Results of an ERDA-sponsored, high-sensitivity, airborne gamma-ray spectrometer and magnetometer survey of a portion of the Delta, Utah, NTMS, 1:250,000 scale quadrangle, carried out under Bendix Field Engineering Corporation Subcontract 76-019-L are discussed. The objective of the survey was to evaluate the Delta area as a uraniferous province, i.e., a region showing surface indications of a generally higher uranium content, and evidence of geochemical uranium enrichment over the other natural radioactive elements, where detailed exploration for uranium would likely be successful. The known presence of late stage Tertiary rhyolites and granites associated with fluorite and uranium occurrences and one productive uranium mine strongly suggested that the area is such a uraniferous province. A DC-3 aircraft equipped with a gamma-ray spectrometer using nine large-volume NaI detectors, two 400 channel analyzers, and ancillary geophysical and electronic equipment was employed for data collection.
Date: March 1977
Creator: Texas Instruments Incorporated

Aerial Radiometric and Magnetic Reconnaissance Survey of the Delta Quadrangle, Utah: Final Report, Volume 1. Narrative and Tables

Description: From approach: This survey consisted of aerial gamma-ray spectrometer and magnet-meter data collection including: (1) Coverage of those portions of the Delta, Utah NTMS 1:250,000 scale quadrangle (Figure 1-1) which were not surveyed in 1976 under Bendix Field Engineering Corporation subcontract No. 76-019-L, Texas Instruments (1977a). (2) Reflights of portions of the 1976 flight lines which were out of altitude specifications. (3) Extra flight lines over the 1976 survey area to provide complete detailed coverage of the NW quarter of the quadrangle. The program also included processing and interpretation of the gamma-ray spectrometer data necessary to indicate potential new uranium prospecting areas.
Date: November 1978
Creator: Texas Instruments Incorporated

Airborne Radioactivity Survey of Part of the Navajo Indian Reservation of Utah and Arizona

Description: From introduction: The purpose of an airborne radioactivity survey is to locate ground areas of higher than normal radioactivity which might lead to discovery of uranium mineralization. For this type of survey, gamma-ray detection equipment employing either a geiger counter or a scintillation counter can be mounted in a fixed wing aircraft or a helicopter.
Date: February 29, 1952
Creator: Cummings, Winthrop L.

Airborne Reconnaissance Survey of Northwestern Arizona (Arizona Strip) and Southwestern Utah

Description: Abstract: From December 1953 to May 1954 an extensive airborne reconnaissance program was conducted in northwestern Arizona (Arizona Strip) and southwestern Utah. Five surface anomalies were detected, one of which has possible commercial value. All anomalies are within the boundaries of National Park Service jurisdiction, consequently, this report is not for public distribution until clearance is obtained from the National Park Service. A preliminary airborne reconnaissance program was also conducted in the Richfield area. No anomalies were discovered.
Date: August 1954
Creator: Meehan, R. J.; Lovejoy, Earl M. P. & Rambosek, A. J.

The Alfalfa Weevil and Methods of Controlling It

Description: "The alfalfa weevil destroys a great deal of alfalfa in northern Utah and southern Idaho. It also inhabits southwestern Wyoming and is spreading slowly to new territory in all directions. It may in time infest most of the United States. The adult, a small brown snout-beetle, and the larva, a green, worm-like creature, usually escape notice during the first two or three years that they are present in a locality, but as soon as they become numerous enough to do harm they are readily found, and their effect upon the appearance of the fields is conspicuous. Vigorous treatment is then necessary to prevent partial or total destruction of the first and second crops. The purpose of this bulletin is to show how serious the attack is to the farmer, how much territory it embraces and how it spreads, and to describe the insect, its work, and the methods which are effective in dealing with it." -- title page
Date: 1916
Creator: Reeves, Geo. I. (George I.), b. 1879; Miles, Philip B.; Chamberlin, Thomas R.; Snow, Sterling J. & Bower, Luther J.

Analyses of Coals in the United States with Descriptions of Mine and Field Samples Collected between July 1, 1904 and June 30, 1910: Part 1. -- Analyses

Description: From Significance and value of Analyses of Coal: "The analyses published in this report cover samples of coal collected in many different parts of the country with unusual care by experiences men, in such manner as to make them representative of extensive beds of coal."
Date: 1913
Creator: Lord, N. W.

Analyses of Coals in the United States with Descriptions of Mine and Field Samples Collected between July 1, 1904 and June 30, 1910 Part 2. Descriptions of Samples

Description: From Introduction: "This volume contains the descriptions of the samples whose analyses are published in the preceding volume, Part I of this bulletin. The descriptions have been compiled from the notebooks of the persons who collected the samples, have been condensed from accounts given in published reports of the United States Geological Survey, or have furnished by the collection themselves. Inasmuch as the descriptions represent the work of many persons during a period of six years, and inasmuch as they were recorded under widely differing conditions, they necessarily vary in fullness detail."
Date: 1913
Creator: Lord, N. W.

Analyses of Tipple and Delivered Samples of Coal: (Collected During the Fiscal Years 1948 to 1950 Inclusive)

Description: From Forward: "This bulletin is the first of a new series, which includes analyses of only tipple and delivered coal. It covers samples collected throughout the United States from July 1, 1947 to June 30, 1950 (fiscal years 1948-50). It is planned that future publications of this series will cover a period of one fiscal year only and be issued as soon as possible after June 30 of each year."
Date: 1953
Creator: Snyder, N. H. & Aresco, S. J.

An Assessment of the Collection and Analysis of Hydrologic Data by Private Contractors for the U.S. Geological Survey

Description: From abstract: During fiscal years 1978 through 1981, the U.S. Geological Survey contracted for the acquisition and analysis of hydrologic data from 104 surface water stations, 26 ground water stations, and 15 precipitation gages as well as for several hundred miscellaneous surface water measurements of flow and water quality. The work was performed in Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, and Oklahoma, terminating at the end of the fiscal year 1981. This report is an assessment of this contracting effort from the standpoint of cost and of quality control measures employed to ensure an acceptable product.
Date: 1983
Creator: Kilpatrick, F. A.; Torre, A., Condes de la & Hutchinson, R. D.