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Final Safeguards Summary Report for the Piqua Nuclear Power Facility
Summary: This report contains a description of the final design of the Piqua Nuclear Power Facility (PNPF); an outline of the test and operating procedures, and the organization and responsibilities; and a summary of the hazards and safeguards analyses that have been conducted to evaluate the safety of the facility operations.
Geology of the Michigan Basin with Reference to Subsurface Disposal of Radioactive Wastes
From introduction: The purpose of this report is to describe the geology of the rocks in the different sedimentary basins in relation to problems of disposal of liquid radioactive wastes in the ground.
A Study and Development of the Hickman Sea-Water Still
From Introduction: "The report is organized into three major sections and three appendixes. In first major section are presented a brief historical account of the work done by other organizations prior to November, 1957, and a detailed description of the experiments conducted by Battelle with the No.4 and No. 5 stills. The second major section summarizes the results of cost studies. The third major section gives data, calculations, and derivations pertaining to the heat-transfer aspects of the Hickman still."