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1993 Site Environmental Report Tonopah Test Range, Tonopah, Nevada

Description: This report summarizes the environmental surveillance activities conducted by Sandia National Laboratories, the US Environmental Protection Agency, and Reynolds Electrical and Engineering Company for the Tonopah Test Range operated by Sandia National Laboratories. Sandia National Laboratories` responsibility for environmental monitoring results extend to those activities performed by Sandia National Laboratories or under its direction. Results from other environmental monitoring activities are included to provide a measure of completeness in reporting. Other environmental compliance programs such as the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969, environmental permits, and environmental restoration and waste management programs are also included in this report, prepared for the US Department of Energy in compliance with DOE Order 5400.1.
Date: November 1994
Creator: Culp, T.; Howard, D. & McClellan, Y.

2004 Annual Summary Report for the Area 3 and Area 5 Radioactive Waste Management Sites at the Nevada Test Site, Nye County, Nevada

Description: The Maintenance Plan for the Performance Assessments and Composite Analyses for the Area 3 and Area 5 Radioactive Waste Management Sites at the Nevada Test Site (Bechtel Nevada, 2000) requires an annual review to assess the adequacy of the performance assessments (PAs) and composite analyses (CAs) for each of the facilities, and reports the results in an annual summary report to the U.S. Department of Energy Headquarters. The Disposal Authorization Statements for the Area 3 and Area 5 Radioactive Waste Management Sites (RWMSs) also require that such reviews be made and that secondary or minor unresolved issues be tracked and addressed as part of the maintenance plan (U.S. Department of Energy [DOE]). The U.S. Department of Energy National Nuclear Security Administration Nevada Site Office performed annual reviews in fiscal year (FY) 2004 by evaluating operational factors and research results that impact the continuing validity of the PA and CA results. This annual summary report presents data and conclusions from the FY 2004 review, and determines the adequacy of the PAs and CAs. Operational factors, such as the waste form and containers, facility design, waste receipts, closure plans, as well as monitoring results and research and development (R&D) activities were reviewed in FY 2004 for the determination of the adequacy of the PAs. Likewise, the environmental restoration activities at the Nevada Test Site relevant to the sources of residual radioactive material that are considered in the CAs, the land-use planning, and the results of the environmental monitoring and R&D activities were reviewed for the determination of the adequacy of the CAs.
Date: January 1, 2005
Creator: Yucel, Vefa

2005 Report to the Base Closure and Realignment Commission: Industrial JCSG Justification Book

Description: INSTALLATION ENVIRONMENTAL PROFILE NAVAL AIR STATION FALLON, NV, Air Quality (DoD Question #210-225), Cultural/Archeological/Tribal Resources (DoD Question #229-237), Dredging (DoD Question # 226-228), Land Use Constraints/Sensitive Resource Areas (DoD Question #198-201, 238, 240-247, 254-256, 273), Marine Mammal/Marine Resources/Marine Sanctuaries (DoD Question #248-250, 252-253), Noise (DoD Question # 202-209, 239), Threatened and Endangered Species/Critical Habitat (DoD Question #259-264), Waste Management (DoD Question # 265-272), Water Resources (DoD Question # 258, 274-299), Wetlands (DoD Question # 251, 257),
Date: June 4, 2005
Creator: United States. Department of Defense.

A26 - Community Input Army - Hawthorne Army Depot - NV

Description: Mineral County in west-central Nevada has been host to the Hawthorne Army Depot for decades. The county contains the community of Hawthorne, which is where the Depot is located, as well as a handful of smaller communities. The county's western boundary line also serves as the state border between California and Nevada. Hawthorne is the county seat and lies 130 miles southeast of the metropolitan area of RenoISparks, Nevada. It is approximately 3 10 miles northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada.
Date: July 21, 2005

Additional Physical Property Data, U12g.01 Tunnel, Nevada Test Site, Nye County, Nev.

Description: Introduction: "This report presents physical property analyses for 28 additional samples and is a supplement to Geological Survey Technical Letter: Area-12-1, which gave a brief summary of the geology, descriptive data on the tunnel, and X-ray, chemical, semiquantitative spectrographic analyses, and some physical properties determinations of samples collected in the U12g.01 tunnel."
Date: October 5, 1962
Creator: Emerick, W. L.; Snyder, R. F. & Hoover, D. L.
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