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Backwater and Discharge at Highway Crossing with Multiple Bridges in Louisiana and Mississippi

Description: Purpose and Scope: The principal objective of this project was to measure the backwater and discharge distribution for multiple bridges. These data have been used to determine if the methods developed by Schneider and others (1976) for single-opening highway crossings could be applied to multiple bridges. In addition, the method developed by Tracey and Carter (1955) and Cragwall (1958) was modified to use the procedure proposed by Schneider and others (1976) to calculate friction losses in the approach reach. This modified procedure was then also tested.
Date: 1983
Creator: Colson, B. E. & Schneider, Verne R.

Base Flow of Streams in the Outcrop Area of Southeastern Sand Aquifer: South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi

Description: From purpose and scope: The purpose of this study are to derive base flow estimates for representative parts of the Cretaceous and Tertiary clastic outcrop area as an aid in estimating recharge to the sand aquifers; to use base flow relations to estimate aquifer hydraulic parameters; and to relate the lithology of the aquifer to the streamflow duration curves.
Date: October 1983
Creator: Stricker, Virginia A.

Beef Production in the South

Description: Report giving an overview of methods for raising cattle in the southern United States. There are special discussions of cattle feed, methods for fattening cattle, and the different breeds of cattle adapted to the region.
Date: 1914
Creator: Ward, W. F. (William Francis) & Gray, Dan T. (Daniel Thomas), 1878-

Beekeeping in the Tulip-Tree Region

Description: "Many thousand colonies of bees occur in the region where the tulip-tree is abundant but the honey crop from tulip-tree flowers inconsiderable. Too few beekeepers in this region have modern equipment, it is true, but the greatest loss comes from the fact that they do not care for their bees so as to have them ready to gather the abundant nectar from this early-blooming tree. In this bulletin a methods is given for the management of the apiary so that the full honey crop from this source may be obtained." -- p. 2
Date: 1922
Creator: Phillips, Everett Franklin, 1878-1951 & Demuth, Geo. S. (George S.)

Biloxi: Active Coastal Processes

Description: Map showing factors that affect the shoreline and wetlands (flood surges, control structures, shoreline stabilization, etc.) in the Biloxi region of the Mississippi Deltaic Plain area of the coastline. Scale 1:100,000.
Date: 1981
Creator: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
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