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Analysis of Meteorological Tower Data, April 1950 - March 1952, Brookhaven National Laboratory

Description: Report issued by the Brookhaven National Laboratory discussing data collected from two BNL meteorological towers. As stated in the introduction, "results are presented in graphic form rather than tabular form" (p. 1). This report includes tables, maps, illustrations, and photographs.
Date: June 1957
Creator: Singer, Irving A. & Raynor, Gilbert S.

Base Flow of Streams on Long Island, New York

Description: Purpose and scope: The purpose of this report is to quantify the base flow of 19 continuously gaged Long Island streams during 1960-75, which includes the 1962-66 drought. These base-flow data will be used in calibrating computer models designed to predict the response of Long Island streams to hydrologic stresses such as the lowering of ground-water levels in response to large-scale sanitary sewering. The data will also be used to assess the long-term impact expected to result from storm- and sanitary-sewer systems on base flow of streams.
Date: 1982
Creator: Reynolds, Richard J.

Conference on "Hot" Laboratory Design Held at Brookhaven National Laboratory on September 19, 1947

Description: From introduction: "This conference represents the first attempt by a project-wide group of scientists and engineers to collaborate on the problem associated with the planning and design of "Hot" Laboratories. The idea, as originally conceived by Dr. W. E. Winsche, was to discuss some general and perhaps some specific aspects of "Hot" Laboratory design with a small group of interests individuals from various sites."
Date: September 19, 1951
Creator: Strickland, Gerald

Effects of Sanitary Sewers on Ground-Water Levels and Streams in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, New York, Part 1: Geohydrology, Modeling Strategy, and Regional Evaluation

Description: From purpose and scope: This report is the first in a three-part series describing the U.S. Geological Survey's efforts in the detailed hydrologic investigation of southern Nassau and southwest Suffolk Counties, which includes a ground-water modeling study to predict the effects of an extensive sewer network scheduled to be completed in 1985. As the introduction to the series, this report has four objectives: (1) to present a detailed description of the hydrologic system in the area, including newly acquired hydrogeologic information; (2) to define the hydrogeologic factors that will be affected by the sewer network; (3) to explain the modeling strategy and describe the techniques used to develop the ground-water models of the two adjacent areas studied; and (4) to present a preliminary evaluation of the effects of sewers as predicted by a regional ground-water flow model.
Date: 1983
Creator: Reilly, Thomas E.; Buxton, Herbert T.; Franke, O. L. & Wait, R. L.

A Facility Designed to Monitor the Unsaturated Zone During Infiltration of Tertiary-Treated Sewage, Long Island, New York

Description: Abstract: A facility consisting of a circular recharge basin 6.10 meters in diameter with a central observation manhole was developed on Long Island to study the role of the unsaturated zone during aquifer recharge with tertiary-treated sewage. The manhole extends through most of the 7.5-meter-thick unsaturated zone, which is composed of glacial outwash sand and gravel, and enables collection of water samples and monitoring of dynamic characteristics of the unsaturated zone during recharge experiments. The system contains instrumentation for monitoring infiltration rate, pressure-head distribution, soil-moisture content, ground-water levels, and soil gases. The 24.55-square-meter recharge basin has operated in all seasons intermittently since April 1975 and, as of April 1978, has transmitted 62 million liters of tertiary-treated effluent to the water-table aquifer. Overall performance of the facility indicates that it is suitably designed for monitoring the unsaturated zone during artificial-recharge experiments.
Date: August 1979
Creator: Prill, Robert C.; Oaksford, Edward T. & Potorti, James E.

Geologic Reconnaissance of an Extensive Clay Unit in North-Central Suffolk County, Long Island, New York

Description: Purpose and scope: This report presents results from an evaluation of geologic data collected and compiled as part of a continuing investigation and appraisal of hydrologic conditions in Suffolk County. The investigation is part of a cooperative program of water-resources studies made by the U.S. Geological Survey in cooperation with the Suffolk County Water Authority and the Suffolk County Department of Health Services.
Date: 1983
Creator: Krulikas, Richard K. & Koszalka, Edward J.

The Geology of Long Island, New York

Description: Report describing the geology of Long Island based on surveys and research conducted 1903-1905, with a particular emphasis on glacial deposits and formations from the Pleistocene epoch. It includes a broad discussion, with tabular summaries.
Date: 1912
Creator: Fuller, Myron L.

Geology of the "20-Foot" Clay and Gardiners Clay in Southern Nassau and Southwestern Suffolk Counties, Long Island, New York

Description: Purpose and scope: This report depicts in detail the areal extent, altitude, thickness, and lithology of the "20-foot" clay and Gardiners Clay (the two thickest and most extensive near-surface confining layers in the area) and redefines the surface of the geologic units that directly underlie these clay units at various locations--the Matawan Group-Magothy Formation, undifferentiated, the Monmouth Group, and the Jameco Gravel.
Date: 1983
Creator: Doriski, Thomas P. & Wilde-Katz, Franceska

Hydraulic Considerations in Sampling the Unsaturated Zone with Inclined Gravity Lysimeters

Description: Purpose and scope: This report discusses the design, theory of operation, performance characteristics, and sampling implications if the inclined gravity lysimeter. This variation of a gravity lysimeter can be constructed to maximize capture efficiency and eliminate artificial filtration and is used most successfully in coarse, moist soils where access for installation is from a trench or observation manhole.
Date: 1983
Creator: Oaksford, Edward T.

Monthly Fluctuations in the Quality of Ground Water Near the Water Table in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, Long Island, New York

Description: This report presents the results of water sampling in two New York counties and concludes that the possibly cause of fluctuations of chloride, sulfate, and nitrate in the water are "precipitation, lawn fertilizer, dissolved salts from storm runoff, and effluent from septic tanks and cesspools." This report also includes a number of maps and graphs.
Date: August 1978
Creator: Katz, Brian G.; Ragone, Stephen E. & Linder, Juli B.