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Directional Resistivity Measurements in Exploration for Uranium Deposits on the Colorado Plateau

Description: The following report covers a study of the electrical properties of the Morrison formation in the Uravan mineral belt of the Colorado Plateau province where it is indicated that there is a significant correlation between electrical resistivity and the relative favorability for occurrence of ore. This report presents the measurements of resistivity trends.
Date: April 1958
Creator: Keller, George V.

Lead-Zinc-Silver in the Poughkeepsie District and Part of the Upper Uncompahgre and Mineral Point Districts, Ouray and San Juan Counties, Colorado

Description: Report issued by the Bureau of Mines over mining districts in Colorado. As noted in the introduction, "in this report the physical features, climate, and ore deposits of the districts are described, and a brief history of mining and production of lead, zinc, and silver is given" (p. 4). This report includes tables, illustrations, and maps.
Date: September 1949
Creator: Hazen, Scott W., Jr.

Preliminary Results of Radiometric Reconnaissance of Parts of the Northwestern San Juan Mountains, Gunnison, Ouray, San Juan, San Miguel, and Dolores Counties, Colorado

Description: From abstract: A reconnaissance radiometric survey of parts of the northwestern San Juan Mountains has revealed the occurrence of uranium-bearing ores in several mining districts in Ouray and San Juan Counties, and the occurrence of thorium-bearing veins in southwestern Gunnison County.
Date: March 1952
Creator: Burbank, W. S. & Pierson, Charles Thomas

Reconnaissance of Metal Mining in the San Juan Region: Ouray, San Juan, and San Miguel Counties, Colorado

Description: Report issued by the U.S. Bureau of Mines discussing metal mines in Colorado. As stated in the summary, "this paper describes the mineral deposits and discusses mining and milling methods and related operating conditions in an important gold, silver, lead, and zinc producing area in Ouray, San Juan, and San Miguel Counties, Colo., embracing 250 square miles" (p. 5). This report includes tables, maps, and illustrations.
Date: March 1950
Creator: King, William H. & Allsman, Paul T.