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Digital-Transport Model Study of the Potential Effects of Coal-Resource Development on the Ground-Water System in the Yampa River Basin, Moffat and Routt Counties, Colorado

Description: From abstract: Large increases in coal mining currently (1979) taking place in the Yampa River basin are expected to continue during the 1980's and may adversely impact both the ground-water and surface-water quality in the basin. One potential source of adverse impact is the dissolution of soluble minerals contained in the overburden material disturbed during the mining. This potential impact was investigated using digital ground-water transport-modeling techniques.
Date: 1982
Creator: Warner, James W. & Dale, Robert H.

Environmental Assessment of Remedial Action at the Maybell Uranium Mill Tailings Site Near Maybell, Colorado: Revision 2

Description: The purpose of this environmental assessment (EA) is to evaluate the environmental impacts resulting from remedial action at the Maybell uranium mill tailings site near Maybell, Colorado. A biological assessment and a floodplain/wetlands assessment are included as part of this EA. This report and attachments describe the proposed action, affected environment, and environmental impacts associated with the proposed remedial action, including impacts to threatened and endangered species listed or proposed for listing by the US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS).
Date: November 1994

Finding of No Significant Impact, Proposed Remediation of the Maybell Uranium Mill Processing Site, Maybell, Colorado

Description: The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has prepared an environmental assessment (EA) (DOE/EA-0347) on the proposed surface remediation of the Maybell uranium mill processing site in Moffat County, Colorado. The mill site contains radioactively contaminated materials from processing uranium ore that would be stabilized in place at the existing tailings pile location. Based on the analysis in the EA, DOE has determined that the proposed action does not constitute a major federal action significantly affecting the quality of the human environment within the meaning of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of 1969, Public Law 91-190 (42 U.S.C. {section}4321 et seq.), as amended. Therefore, preparation of an environmental impact statement is not required and DOE is issuing this Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI).
Date: December 31, 1995

Geology and Coal Resources of the Meeker Quadrangle, Moffat and Rio Blanco Counties, Colorado

Description: From introduction: The investigations on which the greater part of this report is based were carried on by E. T. Hancock, the senior author, during the summer of 1911. They were undertaken by the United States Geological Survey under a comprehensive plan for collecting information about the undeveloped fuel resources of the Western States, both as a step toward the conservation of the coal resources of the United States and as a means of supplying the demand for information concerning the many valuable coal fields of the Western States.
Date: 1930
Creator: Hancock, E. T. & Eby, J. Brian

Geology and Uranium Deposits of Part of the Browns Park Formation, Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah: a Preliminary Report

Description: From abstract: Uranium deposits and radioactivity anomalies have been found in the eastern half of the area underlain by the Browns Park formation in northwestern Colorado, south-central Wyoming, and northeastern Utah. The deposits are in eolian, lacustrine, and fluvial sandstones, tuffaceous sandstones, and limestones all of which were deposited on two converging pediments during Miocene time. At least one eastern and one western facies of lacustrine and fluvial sedimentary rocks are separated by a belt of eolian sandstones. The faces may be distinguished in the field and by petrographic and heavy-mineral studies in the laboratory.
Date: June 1955
Creator: Theobald, P. K., Jr. & Chew, R. T., III

Mineral Resources of the Willow Creek and Skull Creek Wilderness Study Areas, Moffat County, Colorado

Description: Abstract: The Willow Creek Wilderness Study Area (CO-010-002) and the Skull Creek Wilderness Study Area (C-010-003), which contain 13,368 acres and 13,739 acres, respectively, are in northwest Colorado near the Utah border. There are no identified resources in either of the study areas. The study areas have low resource potential for undiscovered uranium, vanadium, copper, and all other metals; oil and gas; and coal.
Date: 1990
Creator: Van Loenen, Richard E.; Folger, Helen W. & Kulik, Dolores M.