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Effect of Temperature and Reactivity Changes in Operation of the Los Alamos Plutonium Reactor

Description: The operation of the Fast Reactor is considered in terms of normal equilibrium conditions and normal shut-down. The proposed loading, control rod adjustment and subsequent "floating" operation are discussed. Safety devices and interlocks are described. Temperature and reactivity changes are examined with respect to various system failures, phase changes, and "flashing" of the reactor. Slow changes due to faulty slug cooling are also considered. The calculations were initially based upon 10 kw operation. Performance tests of the mercury system now indicate that 20-kw operation may be feasible.
Date: May 28, 1948
Creator: Hall, David B. & Hall, Jane H.

Instrumentation and Some Related Problems for Neutron Flux Measurement of the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory Kiwi-A Reactor

Description: Abstract: "A description of the instrumentation for neutron flux measurement from Kiwi-A at NTS is given as some discussion of start-up considerations, detector design, system response adjustments, and power calibration of the reactor at some low level of power."
Date: September 1958
Creator: Barton, David M.; Helmick, Herbert H. & Jarvis, G. A.

New Hot Laboratory Facilities at Los Alamos

Description: New Hot Laboratory Facilities which support three major research programs directed by the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory of the University of California are described. For the Nuclear Rocket Propulsion Program, a hot cell addition to the Radio Chemistry Building at Los Alamos will be completed early in 1963, and construction is expected to start soon on the hot cell addition to the Maintenance, Assembly and Disassembly Building at the Nuclear Rocket Development Station in Nevada. Integral hot laboratories are designed in the facilities for the Ultra High Temperature Reactor Experiment and the Fast Reactor Core Test at Los Alamos. (auth)
Date: January 1, 1962
Creator: Wherritt, Charles R.; Franke, Paul R.; Field, R. E. & Lyle, A. R.

A Survey of Some Los Alamos County Canyons for Radioactive Contamination, Spring 1953 to Spring 1955

Description: Abstract: This document is a survey analysis of soil samples from Los Alamos, Pueblo, Bayo, and Mortandad canyons to determine the presence and activities of radioactive contaminants. Also included are the results of analyses of a few samples of grass and of surface water. This survey covers the period from spring 1953 to spring 1955.
Date: April 1956
Creator: Dodd, Aubrey O.