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Mineral Resources of the Coal Canyon, Spruce Canyon, and Flume Canyon Wilderness Study Areas, Grand County, Utah

Description: From abstract: The Coal Canyon (UT-060-1000), Spruce Canyon (UT-060-100D), and Flume Canyon (UT-060-100B) Wilderness Study Areas are in the Book Cliffs in Grand County, eastern Utah. Demonstrated coal reserves totaling 22,060,800 short tons, and demonstrated subeconomic coal resources totaling 39,180,000 short tons are in the Coal Canyon Wilderness Study Area. Also, inferred subeconomic coal resources totaling 143,954,000 short tons are within the Coal Canyon Wilderness Study Area. No known deposits of industrial minerals are in any of the wilderness study areas. All three of the wilderness study areas have a high resource potential for undiscovered deposits of coal and for undiscovered oil and gas.
Date: 1990
Creator: Dickerson, Robert P.; Gaccetta, Jerry D.; Kulik, Dolores M. & Kreidler, Terry J.

Mineral Resources of the Cockscomb and Wahweap Wilderness Study Areas, Kane County, Utah

Description: Summary: At the request of the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, two wilderness study areas in southern Utah (fig. 1) were studied in order to appraise their identified mineral resources and assess their potential mineral resources. The areas studied are the Cockscomb (UT-040-275) Wilderness Study Area, 5,100 acres (8 square miles), and the Wahweap (UT-040-248) Wilderness Study Area, 70,380 acres (110 square miles), both in Kane County, Utah. In this report the areas studied are called "wilderness study areas," simply "study areas," or "Cockscomb area" or "Wahweap area," as appropriate. The Cockscomb area (fig. 1) lies along the steeply east-dipping East Kaibab monocline, and the Wahweap area, farther to the east, consists of flat-lying but gently folded rocks. These areas adjoin the Paria-Hackberry Wilderness Study Area (UT-040-247) to the west.
Date: 1990
Creator: Bell, Henry, III; Kilburn, James E.; Cady, John W. & Lane, Michael E.

Mineral Resources of the Paria-Hackberry Wilderness Study Area, Kane County, Utah

Description: From abstract: The Paria-Hackberry Wilderness Study Area, in central Kane County, southern Utah, is a region of generally flat-lying, gently folded sedimentary rocks, bounded on the east by the east-dipping limb of the East Kaibab monocline and cut by sheer-walled, narrow canyons. The area selected for study by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management totaled 94,642 acres (148 square miles); because of uncertainty as to final boundaries, the U.S. Geological Survey studied an additional contiguous 41,180 acres (64 square miles).
Date: 1991
Creator: Bell, Henry, III; Bush, Alfred Lerner & Turner, Robert L.

Uranium Deposits on the Bulloch Group of Claims, Kane County, Utah

Description: From abstract: The Bulloch group of uranium claims are in T. 40 S., R. 9 we, Kane County, Utah. The past production has been 8.5 tons of submarginal ore submitted to the Marysvale purchasing depot of the Atomic Energy Commission in 1950; this shipment assayed 0.16 percent U308, Uranium is finely disseminated in clay, carbonaceous clay, carbonized wood fragments, iron-oxide concretions, petrified logs, sandstone, and conglomerates of the lower part of"the Dakota sandstone and upper part of the Summerville formation. Small quantities of carnotite, autunite, and torbernite are exposed in the conglomerate and sandstone on Lynn Nos. 2 and 3 claims.
Date: January 1951
Creator: Beroni, E. P.; McKeown, F. A.; Stugard, F., Jr. & Gott, Garland B.