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The Comet and Gray Eagle Mines and Adjacent Area, Jefferson County, Montana

Description: Abstract: Anomalous radioactivity and uranium minerals have been found on the dumps of the Comet, Gray Eagle, and Silver Hill mines situated along the Comet-Gray Eagle shear zone. The shear zone is from 50 to 200 feet in width and has been traced 5 1/2 miles. The Gray Eagle mine is currently being reopened but no underground work, with the exception of a few shallow shafts and adits, has been done between the Gray Eagle and Comet mines. Because of the high U3 08 content of the samples from the Comet and Gray Eagle dumps, it is recommended that a minimum of four diamond drill holes totaling 3, 000 feet be drilled by AEC between the two mines to intersect the shear zone 300 to 500 feet below the surface. This drilling should be made contingent upon the results of the Gray Eagle exploration.
Date: March 1953
Creator: Becraft, George Earle

Forty-Niner, King Solomon Ridge, and West End Claims Near Clancy, Jefferson County, Montana

Description: Abstract: Secondary minerals of the uranite group occur in dense quartz veins and in altered aplitic granite along and near the crest of the east-trending ridge about one mile west of Clancy, Montana. Brief examination suggests that the radioactive minerals are erratically distributed, but a more thorough study of the area will be made by the Geological Survey during the coming field season.
Date: August 1950
Creator: Klepper, M. R.

Preliminary Report on the Rimini Area, Jefferson City Quadrangle, Jefferson County and Lewis and Clark County, Montana

Description: Abstract: A number of radioactivity anomalies and secondary uranium minerals have been found in the Rimini area near the northwestern margin of the Boulder batholith. Most of the anomalies are associated with chalcedonic vein zones that consist of one or more veins of cryptocrystalline and fine-grained quartz in silicified quartz monzonite and alaskite. Seventeen of the anomalies were found along veins that contain base and precious metals; nine were along veins in the vicinity of the village of Rimini from which there has been production of lead, silver, zinc, and gold.
Date: August 1954
Creator: Becraft, George E.; Pinckney, Darrell M. & Rosenblum, Samuel

Uranium-Bearing Deposits West of Clancey, Jefferson County, Montana

Description: From abstract: Nine uranium deposits occur in a small area west of Clancey, Jefferson County, Mont. These deposits are all in or near silicified fracture zones in quartz monzonite and related rocks of the Boulder batholith. The deposits contain pockets of uranium minerals in cavities in brecciated well-silicified rock. The primary uranium mineral pitchblende has been found in one pod. Secondary uranium minerals occur as fracture linings and in pore spaces in and adjacent to the silicified zones.
Date: June 1951
Creator: Roberts, Wayne A. & Gude, Arthur J., III