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Geology of the Raint Day Uranium Mine Garfield County, Utah

Description: From abstract: The Rainy Day mine in the Circle Cliffs area, Utah, is developed Dn a long slender pod of uranium ore. Ore is localized in siltstone of the Moenkopi formation of Triassic age, on the south edge of a channel about 3,300 feet wide by 40 feet deep that is filled with sandstone of the Shinarump member of the Chinle formation of Triassic age. Shale of the Chinle rests directly on siltstone of the Moenkopi on either side of the channel.
Date: April 1958
Creator: Davidson, Edward Sheldon

Geology of the Rainy Day Uranium Mine, Garfield County, Utah

Description: Report discussing the geology of the Rainy Day uranium mine in Garfield County, Utah. From Introduction: "This report describes the relation of the uranium deposit to the local geology and presents several ore and subore analyses which show similarities between this deposit and those in the Shinarump and Moss Back members of the Chinle formation of the Triassic age."
Date: April 1958
Creator: Davidson, Edward S.

Progress on Geologic Studies in the Capitol Reef Area, Wayne and Garfield Counties, Utah

Description: From introduction: Objectives of the geologic studies and mapping in this area are: 1) to study and map geologic formations in which uranium ore may be found with special attention given to the Triassic Shinarump conglomerate, 2) to evaluate uranium deposits and to study local controls and habits of ore, 3) to collect and study geologic data basic to an understanding of regional geologic trends or controls in the distribution of the ore deposits, and 4) to determine the favorableness of the area for concealed deposits of uranium. The present report does not attempt to provide answers to all these objectives. Rather, it is a brief explanatory report to accompany the geologic map (fig. 2) and make it available in advance of the final report.
Date: October 1954
Creator: Smith, J. Fred, Jr.; Huff, Lyman C.; Hinrichs, Neal & Luedke, Robert G.