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Gamma-Radioactivity Investigations at the Nevada Test Site, Nye County, Nevada: Interim Report, February 1960 to July 1961

Description: Abstract: As a part of continuous geologic and geophysical investigations at the Nevada Test Site, gamma-radioactivity measurements are being made in tunnels and drill holes to determine semiquantitatively the natural gamma radioactivity of geologic formations and the distribution of nuclear-explosion-produced radioisotopes.
Date: October 1962
Creator: Bunker, Carl M. & Shutler, Marvin D.
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Experimental Radiation Measurements in Conventional Structures: Part 2. Comparison of Measurements in Above-Ground and Below-Ground Structures From Simulated and Actual Fallout Radiation

Description: Report concerning the protection offered against radioactive fallout offered by two types of structures at the Nevada Test Site. Differences between above ground and underground structures are measured and compared to data taken from actual fallout conditions.
Date: February 1963
Creator: Burson, Z. G. (Zolin G.)
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Porosity, Density, and Water Content Data on Tuff of the Oak Spring Formation from the U12e Tunnel System, Nevada Test Site, Nye County, Nevada

Description: From abstract: This report summarizes the porosity, density, and water content data on about 200 tuff specimens from the Tunnel Beds which compose the lower member of the Oak Spring Formation of Miocene (?) or younger age at the Ul2e tunnel, Rainier Mesa, Nevada Test Site.
Date: December 1961
Creator: Byers, F. M., Jr.
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High-Explosive Ditching from Linear Charges

Description: Abstract: "Weights of linear high-explosive charges fired on the Yucca Lake playa of the Nevada Test Site varied from 0.23 to 42.7 pounds per foot. Crater and ditch dimensions and volumes resulting from these shots, fired during the fall of 1959 and spring of 1960, are presented here as a function of charge burst depths. Scaling relationships determined are as expected; i.e., square-root scaling of linear-charge weight per foot for ditch width and depth and a direct linear-charge weight relationship to ditch volume are obtained. Permanent ground surface displacement varies as the -3.22 power of the scaled distance from the charge. Detonation effects, charge shape effects, ditch erosion, and ditch cross sections are discussed. The appendixes present Toboggan data, results of soil investigation, and mathematical treatment given the data."
Date: July 1961
Creator: Carlson, R. H.
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Geophysical and Geologic Field Measurements for the U16a.04 Tunnel, Nevada Test Site, Nevada with a Discussion of Geophysical Measurements in Horizontal Holes

Description: This report summarizes the results of the U.S. Geological Survey geophysical and geological studies of the rock in the U16a.04 tunnel in the Nevada Test Site.
Date: December 19, 1967
Creator: Carroll, Roger D.; Ege, John R.; Cunningham, M. J.; Muller, D. C. & Way, R. J.
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Geology and Geophysical Field Measurements for the Midi Mist Tunnel, Nevada Test Site, Nevada

Description: The following report summarizes the geological and geophysical studies made on the rocks of the Midi Mist site in the Area-12 tunnel complex of the Nevada Test Site. The data was needed to determine whether the rock met the technical criteria of the nuclear experiment.
Date: February 6, 1967
Creator: Carroll, Roger D.; Ege, John R.; Scott, J. H. & Cunningham, D. R.
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Guidebook for Field Trips to the Nevada Test Site

Description: This report was formed after the study of the Nevada Test Site to examine parts of the thick miogeosynclinical section of the Paleozoic rocks and post-Paleozoic structural features for the sole purpose of determining the walking stops for future field trips to the test site.
Date: July 21, 1966
Creator: Christiansen, Robert L.; Poole, F. G.; Barnes, Harley; Orkild, Paul P.; Byers, F. M., Jr.; Carr, Wilfred James et al.
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1993 Site Environmental Report Tonopah Test Range, Tonopah, Nevada

Description: This report summarizes the environmental surveillance activities conducted by Sandia National Laboratories, the US Environmental Protection Agency, and Reynolds Electrical and Engineering Company for the Tonopah Test Range operated by Sandia National Laboratories. Sandia National Laboratories` responsibility for environmental monitoring results extend to those activities performed by Sandia National Laboratories or under its direction. Results from other environmental monitoring activities are included to provide a measure of completeness in reporting. Other environmental compliance programs such as the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969, environmental permits, and environmental restoration and waste management programs are also included in this report, prepared for the US Department of Energy in compliance with DOE Order 5400.1.
Date: November 1994
Creator: Culp, T.; Howard, D. & McClellan, Y.
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Geodimeter Measurement of Earth Strains on Rainier Mesa, Nevada Test Site

Description: Abstract: "Geodimeter surveys were made on four traverses near the east scarp of Rainier Mesa between October 27, 1967 and April 26, 1968. These measurements were made in order to determine if an changes in distance between survey stations had resulted from downslope creep of the rocks behind the scarp, or if any displacements had resulted from nuclear explosions beneath the mesa and in adjacent areas. A persistent small but possibly significant, slopeward displacement was measured along one traverse and may represent detachment of a large block; monitoring for an additional period of time is recommended."
Date: July 10, 1968
Creator: Danilchik, Walter; Dickey, D. D. & Ellis, W. E.
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