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Geology and Uranium Deposits in Carbonaceous Rocks of the Fall Creek Area, Bonneville County, Idaho

Description: Report discussing the geology and uraniferous carbonaceous rocks found in the Bear River of the Fall Creek area of Bonneville County, Idaho. The report provides information regarding the geology of the area, uranium occurrences, distribution of uranium and other elements in carbonaceous materials, origin of uranium occurrences, core drilling results, and inferred reserves.
Date: July 1954
Creator: Vine, James D.

Investigations in the Fall Creek Area, Bonneville County, Idaho, During the 1952 Field Season: A Preliminary Report

Description: Introduction: Field work during the 1952 field season has supplied new data on the areal extent, composition, and estimated reserves of uranium-bearing carbonaceous rocks in the Fall Creek.area, Bonneville County, Idaho. The following is a preliminary report of progress to describe these new data which supplement the information contained in Trace Elements Memorandum Report 340 (Vine and Moore, 1952). This work was done on behalf of the Division of Raw Materials of the U. S. Atomic Energy Commission.
Date: November 1952
Creator: Vine, James David

Operating Manual for the MTR, Section Two -- Exclusion Area, Materials Testing Reactor

Description: From summary: "This manual is designed for the purpose of clarifying operating procedures of the Materials Testing Reactor and its associated equipment. In assembling this manual a description of each item of equipment and its function is presented. In addition, the generally accepted method of operating the equipment and the best corrective measures concerning all emergencies that might be encountered are set forth herein. Descriptive drawings and written instructions pertaining to the equipment have been included to further clarify the manual."
Date: 1955
Creator: Phillips Petroleum Company. Atomic Energy Division.
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