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Development and Evaluation of High-Temperature Tungsten Alloys Quarterly Report: October-December 1959

Description: Abstract: "High-tungsten alloys were prepared by powder metallurgy techniques. Room-temperature strength properties were determined for W-Ni-Fe compositions with quaternary additions of Cr, Pd, and Ru; tungsten levels ranged from 80 to 94 wt%. Small (1-3 wt%) ruthenium additions were the most effective in improving strength. The oxidation resistance of a number of tungsten-base alloys was measured at 2000F. Quaternary W-Ni-Fe base alloys containing Al, Ru, Ti, and Zr were the most oxidation resistant, having values similar to unalloyed tungsten. Oxidation protection of a 90W-6Ni-4Fe material was accomplished by a fused coating of AMS 4775; the composite was tested for 482 hours in air at 2000F without damage to the base alloy."
Date: January 20, 1960
Creator: Holtz, F. C. & Van Thyne, R. J.