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Results of Diamond Drilling and Geologic Investigation of the Shirley May (Garo) Uranium Deposit, Park County, Colorado

Description: From abstract: The Shirley May (Garo) uranium deposit near Garo, Park County, Colo. , consists of tyuyamunite and carnotite that occur as disseminations and as fracture fillings in three beds of medium- to coarse-grained sandstone. The sandstones are in the Maroon formation of Permian age, This deposit was explored by means of 12 core-drill holes, totalling 2,003 feet.
Date: November 1952
Creator: Wilmarth, V. R. & Smith, L. E.

Results of Reconnaissance for Radioactivity in Parts of the Alma District, Park County, Colorado

Description: Abstract: Pitchblende was discovered in July 1951 in the Alma mining district, Park County, Colo0 , by the U0 S. Geological Survey acting on behalf of the U. So Atomic Energy Commission. The pitchblende is associated with Tertiary veins of three different geologic environments: 1) veins in pre-Cambrian rocks, 2) the London vein system the footwall block of the London fault, and 3) veins in a mineralized area east of the Cooper Gulch fault. Pitchblende is probably not associated with silver-lead replacement deposits in dolomite. Secondary uranium minerals, as yet undetermined, are associated with pitchblende on two London vein system mine dumps, and occur in oxidized vein material.Lfrom dumps of mines in the other environments. Although none of the known occurrences are of commercial importance, the Alma district is considered a moderately favorable area in which to prospect for uranium ore, because twenty-four of the forty-three localities examined show anomalous radioactivity; samples from anomalously radioactive localities, which include mine dumps and some underground workings, have uranium contents ranging from 0.001 to l.66 percent.
Date: April 1953
Creator: Pierson, Charles Thomas & Singewald, Q. D.

Stratigraphy, Structure, and Mineralization in the Beaver-Tarryall Area, Park County, Colorado: A Reconnaissance Report

Description: From Introduction: "The recent large increase in gold production from the Alma district has greatly stimulated interest in territory immediately to the east, where many small gold-bearing veins have been discovered. Consequently, as a cooperative project of the United States Geological Survey and the State of Colorado, 7 weeks in 1938 were devoted to renaissance work to determine the origin of the placer gold and the possibilities for discovering valuable lode deposits either near the surface or at depth."
Date: 1942
Creator: Singewald, Quentin D.