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Carnotite-Bearing Sandstone in Cedar Canyon, Slim Buttes, Harding County, South Dakota

Description: From abstract: Carnotite-bearing sandstone and claystone have been found in the Chadron formation of the White River group of Oligocene age in the southern part of the Slim Buttes area, Harding County, S. Dak. The carnotite is an efflorescent yellow coating on lenticular silicified sandstone. Locally, the mineralized sandstone contains 0.23 percent uranium. The uranium and vanadium ions are believed to have been derived from the overlying mildly radioactive tuffaceous rocks of the Arikaree formation of Miocene age. Analyses of water from 26 springs issuing from the Chadron and Arikaree formations along the margins of Slim Buttes show uranium contents of as much as 200 parts per billion. Meteoric water percolating through tuffaceous rocks is thought to have brought uranium and other ions into environments in the Chadron formation that were physically and chemically favorable for the deposition of carnotite.
Date: 1955
Creator: Gill, James R. & Moore, George William

A Lower Lance Florule from Harding County, South Dakota

Description: From page 127: For the last few years Mr. Henry E. Lee, of Rapid City, S.Dak., has been sending me selected material from the lower part of the Lance formation of Harding County, S.Dak., the exact locality being what is locally known as the Jump Off, an erosion basin of the headwaters of the South Fork of the Grand River, 10 miles north of the East Short Pine Hills. 1 The matrix is a soft gray friable sandstone, and consequently only the coarser, more resistant plants are preserved. In view of the coarseness of the matrix the preservation is excellent, although usually the finer details of venation are obscure. In the sands overlying the plant beds are thin seams of impure lignite.
Date: 1934
Creator: Berry, Edward Wilber

Results of Core Drilling for Uranium-Bearing Lignite, Mendenhall Area, Harding County, South Dakota

Description: Report discussing the results of core drilling in the Mendenhall Area of Harding County, South Dakota. This drilling was aimed at collecting data regarding uranium-bearing lignite. The report provides information regarding drilling operations, stratigraphy of the area, structure, and lignite deposits.
Date: June 1954
Creator: Gill, James R.

Results of Core Drilling of Uranium-Bearing Lignite Deposits in Harding and Perkins Counties, South Dakota, and Bowman County, North Dakota

Description: Purpose: The main objective of the Dakota core drilling program was to determine reserves of uraniferous lignite based on chemical uranium and spectrographic determinations from unweathered samples, particularly from those areas where surface sampling of the beds during the previous field season indicated that significant deposits of uranium-bearing lignite might be present. A secondary objective was to obtain fresh samples and to measure the radioactivity of the overlying Oligocene White River and Miocene Arikaree formations from which the uranium in lignite is believed to have been derived.
Date: October 1952
Creator: Zeller, Howard D.