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Laos: A Bibliography

Description: This report is a bibliography of sources about Laos grouped into three topical categories: (1) General and Historical, (2) Government and Politics; Economy, and (3) Foreign Relation and Defense.
Date: November 5, 1969
Creator: Patitucci, Jean B.
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Yellow Rain and Related Issues: Implications for the United States

Description: The United States has charged that the Soviet Union is implicated in the use of chemical weapons in Afghanistan and of chemical and toxin weapons, including the toxin known as "Yellow Rain," in Laos and Kampuchea (Cambodia). These charges raise two significant sets of issues: First, issues surrounding the evidence that has been presented to show: (a) that such weapons have been used and (b) that the Soviet Union is implicated in this use. Second, issues connected with the implications of Soviet… more
Date: September 29, 1983
Creator: Bowman, Steven R.
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